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    Bariah in Easton's Bible Dictionary fugitive, one of Shemaiah's five sons. Their father is counted along with them in 1 Chr. 3:22.

    Bariah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary 1 Chronicles 3:22.

    Bariah in Naves Topical Bible Son of Shechaniah 1Ch 3:22

    Bariah in Smiths Bible Dictionary (fugitive), a descendant of the royal family of Judah. 1Ch 3:22 (B.C. before 410.)

    Bariah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ba-ri'-ah (bariach, "fugitive"): Bariah was a descendant of David in the line of Solomon (1 Ch 3:22).

    Bariah Scripture - 1 Chronicles 3:22 And the sons of Shechaniah; Shemaiah: and the sons of Shemaiah; Hattush, and Igeal, and Bariah, and Neariah, and Shaphat, six.