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Bible Names A-G: Ard

Ard in Easton's Bible Dictionary descent, a grandson of Benjamin (Num. 26:38-40). In 1 Chr. 8:3 he is called Addar. His descendants are mentioned in Num. 26:40.

Ard in Fausset's Bible Dictionary (Genesis 46:21; Numbers 26:40) ARD or ADDAR. (1 Chronicles 8:8).

Ard in Hitchcock's Bible Names one that commands; he that descends

Ard in Naves Topical Bible 1. Son of Benjamin Ge 46:21 -2. Son of Bela Nu 26:40

Ard in Smiths Bible Dictionary (one that descending), the son of Bela and grandson of Benjamin. Ge 46:21; Nu 26:40 In 1Ch 8:3 he is called ADDAR.

Ard in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE ard ('ard, meaning unknown): Either directly or more remotely a son of Benjamin. Nu 26:38-40 mentions five sons of Benjamin, together with Ard and Naaman, the sons of Bela, Benjamin's oldest son, counting all seven as ancestors of Benjamite families. In 1 Ch 8:1-3 Addar and Naaman are mentioned, with others, as sons of Bela, Addar and Ard being apparently the same name with the consonants transposed. In Gen 46:21 ten sons of Benjamin are counted, including at least the three grandsons, Ard and Naaman and Gera.

Ard in Wikipedia was the tenth son of Benjamin in Genesis 46:21. It is relatively unusual among Hebrew names for ending in a cluster of two consonants instead of as a segholate.

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