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    Anan in Easton's Bible Dictionary cloud, one of the Israelites who sealed the covenant after the return from Babylon (Neh. 10:26).

    Anan in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Nehemiah 10:26.

    Anan in Naves Topical Bible A Jew, returned from Babylonian captivity Ne 10:26

    Anan in Smiths Bible Dictionary (a cloud), one of the "heads of the people" who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. Ne 10:26 (B.C. 410.)

    Anan in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE a'-nan (`anan, "cloud"): (1) One of those who, with Nehemiah, sealed the covenant (Neh 10:26). (2) A returned exile (1 Esdras 5:30). He is called Hanan in Ezr 2:46 and Neh 7:49.

    Anan Scripture - Nehemiah 10:26 And Ahijah, Hanan, Anan,