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Bible Animals : Flamingo
Flamingo in the ancient World.

Ancient Flamingo. THE Flamingoes are among the most extraordinary and isolated of birds, being, in fact, an extreme modification of the Duck tribe. They have legs of an enormous length, their front toes palmated to the ends, and an extremely short hind toe. The neck is equally long and slender with the legs, and their small head is furnished with a bill, the inferior mandible of which is of an oval form, longitudi­nally bent into a semi cylindrical canal, while the upper one, oblong and flat, is bent crosswise in the middle so as to join the other ex­actly. They construct their nests of earth in marshy locations, placing themselves astride of them during the act of incubation, in consequence of the extreme length of their legs incapacitating them from sitting in the usual manner. - Animals, Birds, Insects, And Reptiles Of The Bible