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Bible Animals: Greyhound

Greyhounds in the Bible. Most probably " war-horse," as suggested in R.V. margin. - Animal Life in the Scriptures

Greyhound in Easton's Bible Dictionary (Prov. 30:31), the rendering of the Hebrew _zarzir mothnayim_, meaning literally "girded as to the lions." Some (Gesen.; R.V. marg.) render it "war-horse." The LXX. and Vulgate versions render it "cock." It has been by some interpreters rendered also "stag" and "warrior," as being girded about or panoplied, and "wrestler." The greyhound, however, was evidently known in ancient times, as appears from Egyptian monuments.

Greyhound in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Proverbs 30:31, margin, "girt in the loins," referring to the slenderness of its body at the loins, as if tightly girt for grace and swiftness in running, so that it is classed among the "things which go well." The ancient Egyptian paintings represent such close-girt hounds used in coursing. Gesenius understands Proverbs 30:31 "a war horse with ornamental trappings girt on its loins." Maurer, "a wrestler with loins girt for the struggle."

Greyhound in Naves Topical Bible -General scriptures concerning Pr 30:31

Greyhound in Smiths Bible Dictionary the translation in the text of the Authorized Version, Pr 30:31 of the Hebrew word zarzir mothnayin; i.e. "one girt about the loins." Various are the opinions as to what animal "comely in going" is here intended Some think "a leopard," others "an eagle," or "a man girt with armor," or "a zebra," or "a war-horse girt with trappings." But perhaps the word means "a wrestler," when girt about the loins for a contest.

Greyhound in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE gra'-hound. See DOG.

Greyhound Scripture - Proverbs 30:31 A greyhound; an he goat also; and a king, against whom [there is] no rising up.

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