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    Ancient Nabatea - Kids Bible maps This map shows the region of Nabatea in the land of ancient Israel. The region of Nabatea was conquered by the Romans under the rule of Pompey. He restored the cities that were destroyed by the Jews and set up the Decapolis. The region of Nabatea was used by the Romans as a buffer state against the desert tribes and prospered when it officially joined the empire.

    Ancient Nain - Kids Bible maps This map shows the town of Nain where Jesus visited brought a widow`s son back to life! The Bible says that Jesus was saddened when he entered the town and saw that a widowed woman`s only son had died. He told her not to cry, then commanded her son to get up--and he did!

    Ancient Nain - Map of New Testament Israel NA`IN (beauty, dwelling). Now Nein, is a small village of Galilee, near Mt. Tabor. Christ raised from death the widow`s son near its gate, Luke 7:12.

    Nain in Easton's Bible Dictionary (from Heb. nain, "green pastures," "lovely"), the name of a town near the gate of which Jesus raised to life a widow's son (Luke 7:11-17). It is identified with the village called Nein, standing on the north-western slope of Jebel ed-Duhy (=the "hill Moreh" = "Little hermon"), about 4 miles from Tabor and 25 southwest of Capernaum. At the foot of the slope on which it stands is the great plain of Esdraelon. This was the first miracle of raising the dead our Lord had wrought, and it excited great awe and astonishment among the people.

    Nain in Fausset's Bible Dictionary The scene of Christ's raising the widow's son (Luke 7:12). Now Nein on N.W. verge of jebel ed Duhy (Little Hermon) where it slopes down to Esdraelon plain. The rock W. of the village abounds in cave tombs, also in the E. side. Eighteen miles from Capernaum, where Jesus had been the preceding day. Josephus (Ant. 20:5, section 1) notices Nain as on the way from Galilee to Jerusalem, the very way Jesus was going

    Nain in Hitchcock's Bible Names beauty; pleasantness

    Nain in Naves Topical Bible (A city in Galilee) -Jesus restores to life a widow's son in Lu 7:11

    Nain in Smiths Bible Dictionary (beauty), a village of Galilee, the gate of which is made illustrious by the raising of the widow's son. Lu 7:12 The modern Nein is situated on the northwestern edge of the "Little Hermon," or Jebel-ed-Duhy, where the ground falls into the plain of Esdraelon. The entrance to the place, where our Saviour met the funeral, must probably always have seen up the steep ascent from the plain; and here on the west side of the village, the rock is full of sepulchral caves.

    Nain in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE na'-in (Navi): This town is mentioned in Scripture only in connection with the visit of Jesus and the miracle of raising the widow's son from the dead (Lk 7:11). The name persists to this day, and in the form of Nein clings to a small village on the northwestern slope of Jebel ed-Duchy ("Hill of Moreh"), the mountain which, since the Middle Ages, has been known as Little Hermon. The modern name of the mountain is derived from Neby Duchy whose wely crowns the height above the village. There are many ancient remains, proving that the place was once of considerable size. It was never enclosed by a wall, as some have thought from the mention of "the gate." This was probably the opening between the houses by which the road entered the town. Tristram thought he had found traces of an ancient city wall, but this proved to be incorrect. The ancient town perhaps stood somewhat higher on the hill than the present village. In the rocks to the East are many tombs of antiquity. The site commands a beautiful and extensive view across the plain to Carmel, over the Nazareth hills, and away past Tabor to where the white peak of Hermon glistens in the sun. To the South are the heights of Gilboa and the uplands of Samaria. The village, once prosperous, has fallen on evil days. It is said that the villagers received such good prices for simsum that they cultivated it on a large scale. A sudden drop in the price brought them to ruin, from which, after many years, they have not yet fully recovered.

    Nain Scripture - Luke 7:11 And it came to pass the day after, that he went into a city called Nain; and many of his disciples went with him, and much people.