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    September 27    Scripture

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    Apologetics Press a publishing organization with several products concerning biblical archaeology [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]

    Bible and Spade "a non-technical quarterly publication for Associates for Biblical Research members focusing on archaeological evidence and creation/evolution issues to show the historical reliability of Scripture." [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]

    Bible Believers Archaeology: Historical Evidence That Proves the Bible an online book by John Argubright [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]

    Biblical Archaeology Review a publication of the Biblical Archaeology Society. [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]

    Digging Up the Past Australian publishers of two publications concerning biblical archaeology: Diggings, a 16-page news journal devoted to the latest discoveries, expert theories and archaeological news from the area covered by the empires of Parthia and Rome in the time of Christ. Archaeological Diggings, a bi-monthly, 40-page full color magazine exploring the history of archaology and discussing recent discoveries at greater depth than is possible in the journal. [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]

    Near Eastern Archaeology formerly Biblical Archaeologist a publication of the American Schools of Oriental Research. [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]

    TEL also in Danish a publication of the Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology. [Biblical Archaeology] [Publications]