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    American Schools of Oriental Research "ASOR's mission is to initiate, encourage, and support research into, and public understanding of, the peoples and cultures of the Near East from the earliest times". [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    Archaeological Sites in Israel Archaeological Sites in Israel and Israel.

    Associates for Biblical Research "demonstrating through field work the historical reliability of the Scriptures". [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    Biblical Archaeology Society "presenting the excitement of archaeological discovery and groundbreaking Bible scholarship to a popular audience for 25 years through magazines, books, videos, slide sets, tours and seminars". [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    CenturyOne Foundation "its goals are to fund in whole and/or in part archaeological projects, historical and biblical research, lectures and symposiums, publications and education on subjects pertaining to the time of the first century C.E./A.D." [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    Cobb Institute of Archaeology At Mississippi State University, the Lahav Project at Tell Halif, Early Bronze through Byzantine period.

    Colby College Department of Religion conducts archaeology in Israel.

    Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology information in both Danish and English [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    Department of Archaeology University of Haifa; has a number of researchers working.

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Archaeology, work at several sites.

    Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire Conducts archaeological work in the Sudan, Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates.

    Israel Exploration Society Non-profit organization, assists researchers with organizing excavations, enlisting financial support for archaeological projects, publishing results of such projects and liaison and cooperation with other institutions in the field of publication and in a collective effort to promote archaeology.

    Israeli Antiquities Authority The Israel Antiquities Authority is in charge of the country's antiquities and antiquity sites, their excavation, preservation, conservation, study and publication thereof, as well as the country's antiquity treasures. Graphics heavy and watch out for Java, but has a nice news service. English and Hebrew.

    Kenyon Institute Supports a few graduate students and undertakes excavations. A new body, the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL), was therefore created out of the BIAAH and the BSAJ (British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem) with its regional headquarters in Amman but maintaining the old BSAJ building in Jerusalem which was renamed in honour of one of the major figures of our past "" as the Kenyon Institute.

    Madison Biblical Archaeology Society (MBAS) at the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    Near East Archaeological Society founded in 1957; "the focus of NEAS is on research in the lands of the Bible, the modern Middle East, with a distinctly evangelical perspective." [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    New Egypt Historical Society, New Jersey The Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the history of Egyptian Society alive for a new generation. Our monthly meetings and quarterly seminars in conjunction with area museums are but the beginning of a wonderful journey into the past! Join us via Internet, bimonthly magazine, meeting attendance or simple write-ins and we will try to share the enthusiam of this so very vital culture.

    The American School of Oriental Research Has been conducting archaeological reseach for 100 years, and has several ongoing projects in Israel.

    The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology "an IRS-approved, Nonprofit Organization established in the State of North Carolina in 1996 to promote the science of biblical archaeology by providing funding and support for expeditions, publication, research, and education". [Biblical Archaeology] [Research Organizations]

    Univ. of Pennsylvania Museum of archaeology and Anthropology Department of Western Asiatic Archaeology, research in Bahrain, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. [Archaeological Sites] [Iraq] [University Programs]