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Illustrated History : Ancient Symbols

Ancient Crowns The crown in the ancient world came in many shapes and forms. They were made of very costly material, symbolizing royalty and sovereignty. When King David conquered Rabbah, he took the crown of the king of the Ammonites which contained a talent of gold and precious stones. Solomon said that a virtuous wife was a crown to her husband.

Ancient Diadems The ancient diadem was the highly adorned and richly gemmed head-dress, worn by kings. In the east the diadem was a symbol of absolute power. It was usually a headband about two inches wide, tied in the back and made of silk, and inlaid with gold and the most precious gems. The crown was a symbol of glory, and the diadem was a symbol of beauty.

Ancient Obelisk The ancient obelisk was a monumental pillar made of stone and was a major symbol of sun worship of the god ra in ancient Egypt. The Lord referred to them as idols of jealousy and swore that He would destroy the obelisks of Heliopolis and "overthrow idolatry."

Crown of Thorns Symbolized the "Last Adam" bearing the sins of the world and becoming a cursed sin offering. The thorn is a type of the curse which will be removed at the time of the redemption of the sons of God.

Egyptian Staff of Inheritance This engraving reveals the staff of inheritance in the left hand. If it were in the right hand it would be a scepter.

Symbol of Asshur The monuments excavated at Nineveh have revealed much about the religion of the ancient Assyrians. They worshipped the sun, moon and stars, and among their idols were heroes and rulers from earlier times who were made deities. Asshur was the father of the Assyrians and the country was named after him. He was regarded as "the great god, king of all the gods."