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Childrens Resources: Egypt

Ancient Art - Egypt Learn about the rules ancient Egyptians followed when presenting a piece of artwork. From the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Ancient Egypt This awesome site explores what life was like in Ancient Egypt. Learn about the pharaohs, pyramids, temples, gods and goddesses, and much more.

Ancient Egypt Life If you're looking for mummies, pyramids, Hieroglyphics, tombs, and temples, you've come to the right site. Follow Egyptian history from the Pre-Dynastic period to the New Kingdom.

Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth Get details on the Egyptian queen from this Field Museum exhibit. While you're here, solve a puzzle or take a Cleo image poll.

Clickable Mummy Click on the body part of interest (head, chest, limbs) to find out what was done with the mummy after death. Includes extraction of the brain through the nose.

Color Me Egypt Click on each picture to get that page from the Color Me Egypt coloring book. Print them out and then have fun coloring in the pictures. There is also a contest to enter.

Egypt - A Country Study A detailed study of ancient Egypt up to the present including a glossary.

Egypt Antiquities Information Great site with tons of information on the History of Egypt, Egyptian pyramids and other monuments, important people, mythology, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Egypt CIA World Factbook Get information on the people, geography, government, economy, and much more from the CIA World Factbook.

Egypt: Lectures Find outlines of facts about this country's geography, historic periods, ancient achievements, and King Tut's tomb.

History of Egypt The sixth-grade Social Studies curriculum includes the study of Egypt. A good enrichment site is this one which includes downloadable pages of pictures that can be colored. It has a lot of nice images.

History of Egypt - Egypt of the Pharaohs Lower Paleolithic to the British Occupation Period. Tons of information but speculates on earliest periods.

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt Learn about Egyptian pyramids, kings and queens, and hieroglyphs.

McClung Museum - Ancient Egypt See the museum's collection of both original artifacts and replicas arranged by subject categories such as history, daily life, religion, and writing.

Mysteries of Egypt See photos and learn all about ancient Egyptian civilization at this companion site to the National Geographic IMAX movie of the same name.

Tour Egypt Discover this country and its rich history.

Tour Map of Egypt take a tour of Egypt using maps and color photographs. Tour a temple, tour a tomb, or even take a cruise up the Nile!

Virtual Egypt Explore this huge multimedia resource about ancient Egypt including interactive maps, mummies, pyramids, hieroglyphics, gods, pharaohs, games, and much more!

Wild Egypt- An Online Safari Take a safari, a dive in the Red Sea, or a journey down the Nile--all without ever leaving home!

Writing in Ancient Egypt Learn about different scripts used in ancient Egypt and challenge yourself by trying to translate hieroglyphs! There is also info about the Rosetta Stone.

Yahooligans - Ancient Egypt Mummies, Cleopatra, The Pyramids, Pharaohs and much more.

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