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People - Ancient Near East: Sin-Shumu-Lishir
Ancient Near East

Sin-Shumu-Lishir in Wikipedia Sin-shumu-lishir (or Sin-shum-lishir), was a usurper king of a part of the Assyrian empire in 626. Little is know about this king due to the lack of sources of his time. Reign Sin-shumu-lishir first shows up in Assyrian sources as the general of Ashur-etil-ilani.[1] It seems that he later tried to take kingship for himself. He is credited of having reigned one year by the Uruk king list, preceding Sin-shar-ishkun. His first year was attested in texts from Babylonian cities Babel, Nippur, and Ru'a.[2] Because we only know about his first year it is not lilololkely that his reign lasted much longer. Sin-shumu-lishir never controlled all of the Assyrian empire and most likely only a part of Babylonia. His short reign must have taken place in 626 because before that year Kandlolololalanu reigned over his attested cities and after that Nabopolassar and Sinsharishkun.[3]

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