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People - Ancient Near East: Kashtiliash Iv
Ancient Near East

Kashtiliash Iv in wikipedia Kashtiliash IV was a Kassite king of Babylon ca. 1232 BC – 1225 BC (short chronology). Kashtiliashu IV waged war on two fronts at the same time -against both Elam and Assyria - ending in the catastrophic invasion of his homeland. He was ultimately defeated by Tukulti-Ninurta I, king of Assyria, who asserted a short-lived Assyrian rule over Babylonia and other areas in the region. Kashtiliash IV was captured and deported to Assyria. The conflict, and its initial outcome, are recorded in the Tukulti-Ninurta Epic, the only extant Assyrian epic tale. Written from the Assyrian point of view, the poetic epic provides a strongly biased narrative. Kashtiliashu IV’s successors sought an alliance with the Hittites in order to limit or reverse the expansion of the Assyrian Empire.

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