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People - Ancient Near East: Kadashman-Enlil I
Ancient Near East

Kadashman-Enlil I in Wikipedia Kadashman-Enlil I was a Kassite King of Babylon from ca. 1374 BC to 1360 BC (short chronology). He is known to have been a contemporary of Amenhotep III of Egypt, with whom he corresponded; three letters authored by Kadashman-Enlil are preserved in the Amarna letters corpus. This dates Kadashman-Enlil to the first half of the 14th century BC by most standard chronologies. His successor was the considerably more well-known Burna-Buriash II, who also wrote several letters preserved in Egyptian archives to the Egyptian pharaoh. Preceded by Kurigalzu I Kassite king of Babylon ca. 1374 - 1359 60 BC (short) Succeeded by Burnaburiash II

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