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People - Ancient Near East: Amat-Mamu
Ancient Near East

Amat-Mamu in Wikipedia Amat-Mamu, fl. ca. 1750 B.C., Sippar in ancient Babylonia, was a scribe whose existence is known from the cuniform tablets on which she wrote. Amat-Mamu was a Naditu priestess and temple scribe in Sippar, in ancient Babylonia. We know she lived in the gagum, a walled cloister precinct inhabited exclusively by women. Her name is known through Naditu documents that show Amat-Mamu was one of eight scribes within Sippar's gagum. Her career spanned the reigns of three kings, Hammurabi (1792–1750 BC), Samsu-iluna (1749–1712 BC), and Abi-eshuh (1711–1684 BC).

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