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September 22    Scripture

People - Ancient Near East: Abdi-Ashirta
Ancient Near East

Abdi-Ashirta in Wikipedia Abdi-Ashirta (c. 1300s BC) was the ruler of Amurru, a new kingdom in southern Syria subject to nominal Egyptian control, that was in conflict with King Rib-Hadda of Byblos. Rib-Hadda complained bitterly to Akhenaten—in the Amarna letters—of Abdi-Ashirta's attempts to carve out a larger kingdom for himself at the former's expense.[1] Abdi-Ashirta's death is mentioned in EA 101 by Rib-Hadda in a letter to Akhenaten.[2] Unfortunately for Rib-Hadda, Abdi-Ashirta was succeeded by his equally capable son—Aziru—who would later capture, exile and likely kill Rib-Hadda in the process. Aziru later defected to the Hittite side which caused Egypt to lose control over her northern border province of Amurru which Aziru controlled.

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