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    Turnus in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (*Tu/rnos), a son of Daunus and Venilia, and king of the Rutulians at the time of the arrival of Aeneas in Italy. (Verg. A. 10.76, 616.) He was a brother of Juturna and related to Amata, the wife of king Latinus. (12.138.) Alecto, by the command of Hera, stirred him up to fight against Aeneas after his landing in Italy. (7.408, &c.) He appears in the Aeneid as a brave warrior, but in the end he fell by the hand of the victorious Aeneas (12.926, &c.). Livy (1.2) and Dionysius also mention him as king of the Rutulians, who allied himself with the Etruscans against the Latins, consisting of Aborigenes and Trojans. The Rutulians according to their account indeed were defeated, but Aeneas fell. (Comp. AENEAS.) [L.S] - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

    Turnus in Wikipedia In Virgil's Aeneid, Turnus was the King of the Rutuli, and the chief antagonist of the hero Aeneas. Prior to Aeneas' arrival in Italy, Turnus was the primary potential suitor of Lavinia, daughter of Latinus, King of the Latin people. Upon Aeneas' arrival, however, Lavinia is promised to the Trojan prince. Juno, determined to prolong the suffering of the Trojans, prompts Turnus to demand a war with the new arrivals. King Latinus is greatly displeased with Turnus, but steps down and allows the war to commence...