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    Sarpedon in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (Σαρπήδων). 1. A son of Zeus by Europa, and a brother of Minos and Rhadamanthys. Being involved in a quarrel with Minos about Miletus, he took refuge with Cilix, whom he assisted against the Lycians; and afterwards he became king of the Lycians, and Zeus granted him the privilege of living three generations. (Hdt. 1.173; Apollod. 3.1.2 ; Paus. 7.3.4; Strab. xii. p.573; comp. MILETUS, ATYMNIUS.) 2. A son of Zeus by Laodameia, or according to others of Evander by Deidameia, and a brother of Clarus and Themon. (Hom. Il. 6.199; Apollod. 3.1.1; Diod. 5.79; Verg. A. 10.125.) He was a Lycian prince, and a grandson of No. 1. In the Trojan war he was an ally of the Trojans, and distinguished himself by his valour. (Hom. Il. 2.876, 5.479, &c., 629, &c., 12.292, &c., 397, 16.550, &c., 17.152, &c.; comp. Philostr. Her. 14; Ov. Met. 13.255.) He was slain at Troy by Patroclus. (Il. 16.480, &c.) Apollo, by the command of Zeus, cleaned Sarpedon's body from blood and dust, anointed it with ambrosia, and wrapped it up in an ambrosian garment. Sleep and Death then carried it into Lycia, to be honourably buried. (Il. 16.667, &c. ; comp. Verg. A. 1.100.) Eustathius (Eustath. ad Hom. p. 894) gives the following tradition to account for Sarpedon being king of the Lycians, since Glaucus, being the son of Hippolochus, and grandson of Bellerophontes, ought to have been king: when the two brothers Isandrus and Hippolochus were disputing about the government, it was proposed that they should shoot through a ring placed on the breast of a child, and Laodameia, the sister of the two rivals, gave up her own son Sarpedon for this purpose, who was thereupon honoured by his uncles with the kingdom, to show their gratitude to their sister for her generosity. This Sarpedon is sometimes confounded with No. 1, as in Eurip. Rhes. 29, comp. Eustath. ad Hom. pp. 369, 636, &c. There was a sanctuary of Sarpedon (probably the one we are here speaking of) at Xanthus in Lycia. (Appian, App. BC 4.78.) 3. A son of Poseidon, and a brother of Poltys in Thrace, was slain by Heracles. (Apollod. 2.5.9.) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

    Sarpedon in Wikipedia In Greek mythology, Sarpedon (Greek: Σαρπηδὠν; gen.: Σαρπηδόνος) referred to at least three different people. Son of Zeus and Europa The first Sarpedon was a son of Zeus and Europa, and brother to Minos and Rhadamanthys. He was raised by King Asterion and then banished by Minos, and sought refuge with his uncle, King Cilix. Sarpedon conquered the Milyans, and ruled over them; his kingdom was named Lycia, after his successor, Lycus, son of Pandion II...