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    Quirinus in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology according to Dionysius of Halicarnassus (2.48), a Sabine word, and perhaps to be derived from quiris, a lance or spear. It occurs first of all as the name of Romulus, after he had been raised to the rank of a divinity, and the festival celebrated in his honour bore the name of Quirinalia (Verg. A. 1.292: Cic. De Nat. Deor. 2.24; Ov. Am. 3.8. 51, Fast. 4.56, 808, 6.375, Met. 15.862.) Owing to the probable meaning of the word it is also used as a surname of Mars, Janus, and even of Augustus. (Ov. Fast. 2.477; Serv. ad Aen. 7.610; Sueton. Aug. 22 Macr. 1.9; Verg. G. 3.27; Lydus, De Mens. p. 144; comp. ROMULUS.) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

    Quirinus in Wikipedia In Roman mythology, Quirinus was an early god of the Roman state. In Augustan Rome, Quirinus was also an epithet of Janus, as Janus Quirinus.[1] His name is derived from Quiris meaning "spear."...