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Mythology & Beliefs: Oenone
In Greek and Roman Mythology, Oenone was the nymph of Mount Ida; wife of Paris, who abandoned her; refused to cure him when he was poisoned by arrow of Philoctetes at Troy.

Oenone in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (Οἰνώνη,) a daughter of the rivergod Cebren, and the wife of Paris. (Apollod. 3.12.6; Parthen. Erot. 4; Strab. xiii. p.596 ; comp. PARIS.) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

Oenone in Wikipedia In Greek mythology, Oenone (pronounced /ɨˈnoʊniː/, from Ancient Greek Oinōnē - Οἰνώνη "wine woman") was the first wife of Paris of Troy, whom he abandoned for the queen Helen of Sparta.[1] Oenone was a mountain nymph (an oread)[2] on Mount Ida in Phrygia, a mountain associated with the Mother Goddess Cybele, alternatively Rhea.[3] Her father was Cebren, a river-god.[4] Her very name links her to the gift of wine. Paris, son of the king Priam and the queen Hecuba, fell in love with Oenone when he was a shepherd on the slopes of Mount Ida, having been exposed in infancy (owing to a prophecy that he would be the means of the destruction of the city of Troy) but rescued by the herdsman Agelaus. The couple married, and Oenone gave birth to a son, Corythus...

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