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September 16    Scripture

Mythology & Beliefs: Ceres
For Ceres, See Demeter.

Ceres in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology [DEMETER.] - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

Ceres in Wikipedia In ancient Roman religion, Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. Her cult took many forms. She was the central deity in Rome's so-called plebeian or Aventine Triad, and was paired with her daughter Proserpina in what Romans described as "the Greek rites of Ceres". She played an essential role in Roman marriage and in funeral rites. Her seven-day April festival of Cerealia included the popular Ludi Ceriales (Ceres' games). She was honoured in the May lustration of fields at the Ambarvalia festival, and at harvest-time. Her functions and cults were held equivalent to those of the Greek goddess Demeter, whose mythology she came to share...

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