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Mythology & Beliefs : AeŽtes
In Greek and Roman Mythology, AeŽtes was the King of Colchis; father of Medea and keeper of Golden Fleece.

AeŽtes in Wikipedia In Greek mythology, Aeetes (also spelled ∆etes) (Greek: Αἰήτης), (Laz: Ayet), (Georgian აიეტი), was a son of the sun- god Helios and the Oceanid Perseis (a daughter of Oceanus), brother of Circe and Pasiphae, and father of Medea, Chalciope and Apsyrtus. King of Colchis (ancient kingdom of Lazs and Georgia). According to others, he was brother of Perses, a king of Tauris, husband of his niece Hecate, and father of Circe, Medea and Aegialeus. Pausanias states that, according to the poet Eumelos, Aeetes was the son of Helios (from northern Peloponnesus) and brother of Aloeus. Helios divided the land he ruled, and he gave Aloeus the part in Asopia (see Asopus) and Aeetes the part of Ephyra (Corinthos). Later, Aeetes gave his kingdom to Bounos, a son of Hermes and Alkidameia, and went to Colchis, a country in western Caucasus. When Bounos died, Epopeus, a son of Aloeus who ruled in Asopia, became king of Ephyra too. Aeetes built a new colony in Colchis, near the mouth of the large river Phasis, and called it Aea...