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Ancient Greece: Archaeology & Sites

Greek Museums Monuments and Archaeology including an Alphabetical List of Archaeological Sites. The Cultural Map Alphabetical List of State Museums Alphabetical List of non State Museums List of Museums (according to subject) Museums under construction List of Monuments List of Archaeological Sites Organizations Archaeological activity Educational Programmes Archaeological Exhibitions [Hellenic Ministry of Culture]

Metis Catalog 3 dimensional perspectives of these sites: Actium (Ambracian Gulf) Aegina (Temple of Aphaia) Amphiaraion Amyklai Argos (Larissa "Castle") Argos (Theater and Agora) Athens (Acropolis) Athens (Agora) Athens (Kerameikos) Athens (Olympieion) Athens (Pnyx and Philopappus Hill) Athens (Roman Agora) Athens (South Slope) Bassae Brauron Corinth Delphi Didyma Dimini Eleusis Epidauros (Sanctuary of Asklepios) Epidauros (Theater) Gerga* Helicon (Valley of the Muses) Herakleia under Latmos Karphi Kithairon Laurion Lefkandi Lerna Mallia Miletos Mycenae Myrtos (Phournou) Myrtos (Pyrgos) Nemea (Stadium) Nemea (Temple of Zeus) Olympia Orchomenos (Treasury of Minyas) Pellana Perachora Phaistos Plataea Priene Pylos (Cave of Nestor) Pylos (Epano Englianos) Pyramid of Kenkreai Rhamnous Sardis Sesklo Smyrna (Bayrakli) Sounion Sparta (Menelaion) Sparta (Theater Area) Thebes ("3 Roads") Thebes ("7 Gates") Thermopylae Tiryns Troy Tylissos Vaphio (Tholos Tombs) Vasiliki Zakros

Perseus Art and Archaeology Look through a massive library of art objects, sites, and buildings. The library's catalogs document 523 coins, 1548 vases, over 1400 sculptures, 179 sites and 381 buildings. Each catalog entry has a description of the object and its context; most have images. This web site currently publishes over 33,000 pictures! Descriptions and images have been produced in collaboration with many museums, institutions and scholars.

The Archaeology of Ancient Greece When most people think of Greece, visions of the Acropolis towering over the city of Athens come to mind. The Acropolis, while one of the most important and beautiful archaeological sites in Greece, is by no means the only archaeological site in Greece. A wealth of other locations exists throughout the Mainland, the Peloponnesos, the Cyclades, Crete, and Ionia (the western shore of modern Turkey). The purpose of this site is to familiarize viewers with those other, less visited archaeological sites, as well as provide them with information on the history and culture of ancient Greek civilization.

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