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Ancient Greece : Art Collections

100 Greek Sculptors: Their Careers and Extant Works Andrew Stewart, Tufts Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Alciato's Emblems from The Greek Anthology Memorial Univ., Newfoundland [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greece Art History Resources Chris Witcombe [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greece Research Links Ancient Greek Art, Architecture and other resource links and sites created in 1999 by Horace Mann Middle School. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greek and Roman Coins An Educational Site by Doug Smith on Roman Coins, Greek Coins and other Ancient Coins. [Greece] [Rome] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greek Art and Architecture The Greeks developed three architectural systems, called orders, each with their own distinctive proportions and detailing. The Greek orders are: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greek Female Costume J. Moyr Smith's, Univ. of Kentucky [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greek Ships All the pictures that you will find about Ancient Greek Ships, as well as the other images relating to Greece, are in the public domain. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes Virtual Tour British Museum. One of the largest selections of Greek artefacts ever loaned by the British Museum. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Art and Archaeology Tufts Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 3 Ancient Greece and Rome Chris Witcombe [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Art History: Ancient Greece Well maintained site with topis such as: Ancient Art: General Cycladic, Minoan & Mycenaean [Ancient Greece]

Art Search Report Greek, The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, The University of Chicago [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Artistic Pottery Styles When thinking about art in a historical context, wherever it may have originated, there is an important factor to consider. This is the concept of art as being a visual history lesson. The decorative pottery of ancient Greece is an excellent example of this concept. Viewing ancient Greek pottery displays the growth of artistic culture in early Greece, and is both educational and enjoyable to learn about. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Athenian Vase Painting Black- and Red-Figure Techniques. Painted vases were often made in specific shapes for specific daily uses""storing and transporting wine and foodstuffs (amphora), drawing water (hydria), drinking wine or water (kantharos or kylix), and so on""and for special, often ritual occasions, such as pouring libations (lekythos) or carrying water for the bridal bath (loutrophoros). Their pictorial decorations provide insights into many aspects of Athenian life, and complement the literary texts and inscriptions from the Archaic and, especially, Classical periods... [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

British Museum: Ancient Greece The Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities of the British Museum has one of the most comprehensive collections of antiquities from the Classical world, with over 100,000 objects. These mostly range in date from the beginning of the Greek Bronze Age (about 3200BC) to the reign of the Roman emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD, with some pagan survivals.

Classical Art and Architecture Australian National Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Classical Myth The Olympian Gods: Images and Texts [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Dr. J's Illustrated Parthenon Marbles There has been a disagreement about ownership of the marbles between Greece and Britain. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Dr. J`s Illustrated Guide to the Classical World Janice Siegel, Temple Univ. Lots of photos. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Exekias' Page: Greek Art Andrew Wilson [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Greek Art Archaic Art The Archaic sculptures are silent witnesses to the extraordinary development western society was about to undertake. The Kouros and Kore statues stand before a cultural revolution, all muscles tense, like a spring about to burst with energy into an extraordinary wave of classical thought. They stand with smiles frozen with meaning as if they knew what was about to occur [ more ] The Classical Period At the National Museum of Athens: The ancient Greek Artist invented his own self and became the creator of god and man alike in a universe of perfect formal proportions, idealized aesthetic values and a newly found sense of freedom. This was a freedom from barbarism and tyranny Hellenistic Art Exclusive Gifts and apparel The subtle implications of greatness and humility of the high Classical era (see the Charioteer of Delphi) are replaced with bold expressions of energy and power during the moments of tension as evident in the Boy Jockey. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Greek Artifacts David M. Robinson Collection, Univ. of Mississippi [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Greek Links Many Links. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Greek Mythology Catalogue of Images Carlos Parada, Brown Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Greek Vase Catalog Tufts Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Hellenic Museums Alphabetical list of museums, descriptions and history. National Archaeological Museum Museum of Byzantine Culture Building for the protection of the royal tombs of Vergina Epigraphical Museum Numismatic Museum Herakleion Archaeological Museum Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki and more. Hellenic Ministry of Culture [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Image Index: Greece Univ. of Evansville [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Images and Information about Centaurs In Greek mythology, the centaurs (Centaur, Greek: ÊÝíôáõñ-ò) are a race part human and part horse, with a horse's body and a human head and torso. Dwelling in the mountains of Thessaly, the centaurs were the offspring of Ixion and Nephele, the rain-cloud. Alternatively, the centaurs were the offspring of Kentauros (the son of Ixion and Nephele) and some Magnesian mares or of Apollo and Hebe. It was sometimes said that Ixion planned to have sex with Hera but Zeus prevented it by fashioning a cloud in the shape of Hera. Since Ixion is usually considered the ancestor of the centaurs, they may be referred to by poets as the Ixionidae.

Images from Helladic Greece [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Images in Greek Iconography Andrew Wiesner [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Images of the Trojan War Temple Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Iris (UC Classics Slide Collection) Amy Martin [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Life in Ancient Greece Reflected in the Coinage of Corinth Corinth, situated in the northeast corner of the Peloponnesus on the Isthmus of Corinth, was one of the largest cities in ancient Greece and a rival of Athens. The city controlled overland access to the Peloponnesus and to continental Greece, as well as the maritime ways to the East and West of the Mediterranean. In time, Corinth started to create a string of daughter cities, colonies such as Leukas, Ambrakia (Arta), Anactorium, Dyrrhachium (Durazzo) and even Terina in southern Italy and Syracuse in Sicily. All these cities followed Corinth`s monetary system. [Smithsonian Institution] [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Medea by Seneca (in Latin), Ad Fontes Academy [Greece] [Texts] [Authors]

MythNet Picture Gallery MythNET, your source for Mythological Information. Have questions about Greek Mythology? Then this is the site to visit. Please use MSIE 5.5 or higher for optimal viewing quality." Neil Jenkins, Sumair Mirza and Jason Tsang [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Mythology in Western Art This collection consists of scanned images from various periods of Western art which depict the deities, and heroes mentioned in Homer. The images are classified according to the names of the various deities and heroes. [Univ. of Haifa] [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

National Archaeological Museum of Athens A Visit to see some of the Archaeological Treasures of Ancient Greece in the Newly Renovated National Museum [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Net In Arcadia: Virtual Museum Elsie Russell, Jeff Harrington [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]


Pergamon: The Telephos Frieze from the Great Altar Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Reconstruction of the Polygnotos painting. Glynnis Fawkes, Tufts Univ. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Subject Resources for Greek and Roman Art A guide to researching the arts of Greece (Archaic to Hellenistic) and Rome (Etruscan to Imperial art). This guide includes archaeology as well as art and architecture. The University of British Columbia Library. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Ambrose Collection Univ. of Vermont (tons of slides) [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Amphoras Project CG Koehler, PMW Matheson, Univ. of Toronto [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Beazley Archive Faculty of Literae Humaniores, Oxford University [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In formation since 1870, the Metropolitan Museum's collection now contains more than two million works of art from all points of the compass, ancient through modern times. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Museion of Ancient Art Images of Magna Mater Monuments and Wonders Goddess Images On Artifacts and Coins Sexuality in Ancient Times Cybele, Attis, and the Gallae Legacy of the Divine Feminine [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Ovid Project Metamorphoses Images, Univ. of Vermont [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The Trojan War Ora Zehavi, Sonia Klinger, Univ. of Haifa [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

The World of Greek Vases During those centuries immediately preceding the birth of Christ the Greeks contributed so much to our civilization that it is difficult to properly appraise the contribution. Their development of the arts was undeniably one of the greatest of their gifts to the world. In all aspects of art it was apparent that they not only had an appreciation of beautiful form but the ability to create it. No phase of their art better illustrates this than the great number of their vases which have been put back together from remaining fragments or have miraculously been found intact. Their preservation is in part attributable to the material from which they were made; it was lasting but it had no great intrinsic value. [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Vatican Museums Christus Rex [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]

Visit Ancient Athens Ancient Sites CyberSites, Inc. Ponder Athens as you explore our great and beautiful city. Walk with her philosophers, Plato and Socrates, two among many, as they discuss the benefits and failings of democratia. Then, follow your map to the Agora, where you can debate your own ideas on the foundation of democracy with the many Athenians anxiously waiting to argue democratia's merits. Complete your day with Aristophanes' latest comedy being performed at The Theatre of Dionysus, located on the south side of the Acropolis. Dear traveler, please stay awhile, there is much to see! [Greece] [Images and Art Collections]