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    Achaemenid Organisation & Equipment - Shields Early Achaemenid armies were characterised by a number of interesting and unique shields. A large wicker shield called the gerrha or the Persian word 'spara'. A violin shaped shield protrayed on the reliefs at Persepolis and a 'pelta' which shows a Greek influence.

    Alexander The Great Helmet Alexander the Great, or Alexander III, was an ancient Greek king of Macedon around 323 BC. Alexander was one of the most successful military commanders in history, and was undefeated in battle. By the time of his death, he had conquered most of the world known to the ancient Greeks. (Replica)

    Alexander The Great Linen Cuirass The Alexander The Great Linen Cuirass is a traditional Greek body armor made of stiffened layers of linen with steel scales around the waist. Features a traditional Gorgon head symbol hand painted on the front. One size fits most. Tunic available separately. (Replica)

    Ancient Greek Armor, Shields and Helmets Early Sixth or late 7th century BC. Inside of an hoplite shield with the central arm band (porpax). The shield (Aspis) today is called hoplon which is a general name in Greek for weapon. It was made by wood covered by bronze. Inside covered with leather. The weight around 8 kg. The shield was decorated with different images sometimes with a Gorgon head.

    Athenian Hoplite Helmet Thracian Helmet With Phrygian Cap Athenian Hoplite Helmet Thracian Helmet With Phrygian Cap by The Sword Inc. Athenian Hoplite Helmet is a Thracian type helmet with its cap in the Phrygian style and cheek pieces decorated as a moustache and beard. From 400 BC with bronzed finish. (Replica)

    Early Corinthian Helmet Spartans Early Corinthian Helmet made of Brass Sold By The Sword Inc... Corinthian helmets originally came out of Greece and were carried to Greek colonies in Sicily, Italy and Spain. Traces have also been found in Celtic graves. This Spartan helmet represents an early type of Corinthian Helmet used from around 500 BC. (Replica)

    Greek Corinthian Helmet This is an authentic reproduction of the medieval helmets worn by the Hoplite - the warriors of Ancient Greece. This helmet originated in Greece in the 7th Century B...C. and was later adopted by the Romans. It was a popular style all the way up to the 4th Century B.C. and was the basis for many Helmets of the Renaissance Period. (Replica)

    Greek Spartan Shield This Greek style shield is made of thick dished steel with a rolled edge. Hand painted in the traditional design of Sparta, a silver lambda on a bright red background. Fully usable with leather grips on the back. (Replica)

    Roman - scutum, lorica segmentata, galerus Roman Shields and Ancient Armour, scutum, lorica segmentata, galerus. Roman shields, Belts, and Ancient armour at! Let us take you back to the days of the Roman Empire! Relive the days of the Roman Gladiators and Roman Soldiers with these Ancient Roman shields and armour: scutum, parma, galerus, lorica segmentata! All expertly hand-crafted and authentic!

    The Armory - Roman Scutum Shield This shield is designed after the ones used by Roman foot soldiers. It is primarily intended to be used as a decorative piece and is crafted from 20 gauge steel. It is beautifully painted and features bronzed-steel embossing and a baked-enamel. The trim and fittings are crafted from solid brass and this piece comes equipped with chain hangers and brackets for attaching one or two swords. This shield is 29 3/4" by 18 1/4". (Replica)