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    Allard Pierson Museum [Europe] [Museums]

    Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection The Egyptian Museum, with the famous Bust of Nefertiti, the portrait of Tje and the Berliner green head together with the Papyrus Collection, containing ca. 60 000 Textdocuments written in various scripts from hieroglyphics to arabic, is one of the most important museums of its kind. [Europe] [Museums]

    Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna [Europe] [Museums]

    Museo Archeologico di Bologna [Europe] [Museums]

    Museo Gregoriano Egiziano [Europe] [Museums]

    The British Museum, London The Museum houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts and is free to all visitors. Search highlight objects of the collection and view current research projects. Find information about visiting, including admission and opening times, events and exhibitions, gallery guides and teaching resources. [Europe] [Museums]

    The Carlsberg Papyrus Collection The Carlsberg Papyrus Collection contains more than 500 inventoried papyri in addition to a considerable amount of material that has yet to be catalogued. The collection is made up from two principal sources; papyri purchased by the Carlsberg Foundation for the Egyptological Institute (now part of the Carsten Niebuhr Institute) - these form the bulk of the collection - and papyri formerly in the possession of Prof. H. O. Lange. It further includes a two Coptic codices purchased from Carl Schmidt, a few papyri formerly in the possession of Prof. Sander-Hansen, and the Teaching of King Merikare which was purchased from Ludwig Borchardt. All the papyri are now referred to as the Carlsberg Papyri. [Europe] [Museums]

    The Louvre, Paris Official Website. Collection & Departments, Exhibitions, Guided Tours, Virtual Tours, Calendar, History of the Louvre, Gardens, Concerts, Lectures & Symposia, Readings & Performances, Opening Hours. [Europe] [Museums]

    The Manchester Museum Egyptology [Europe] [Museums]