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Museums: Egypt

Allard Pierson Museum Archaeological Museum of the University of Amsterdam.

Animal Mummies Project in the Cairo Museum Study and preserve mummified sacred animals and beloved pets of the Ancient Egyptians. Learn more about Archaeology, Ancient Egypt, and mummies. Adopt a cat, dog or crocodile mummy.

Ashmolean Museum at the Griffith Institute, Oxford University

British Museum Department of Egyptian Antiquities The Museum has the largest and most comprehensive collection of ancient Egyptian material outside Cairo. Mummies and coffins.

Brooklyn Museum: Brooklyn Museum: Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art. The Museum`s collection of ancient Egyptian art is generally acknowledged to be one of the finest in the world. Highlights include exquisitely decorated sarcophagi, coffins, mummy cases, a wrapped 2,600-year-old human mummy, and a portion of the Theban tomb of an important 8th-century B.C. vizier.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History: Life in Ancient Egypt The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has acquired Egyptian artifacts since its founding and now holds about twenty-five-hundred ancient Egyptian artifacts. Artifacts are displayed in relation to the daily life and traditions of the people who made them, so that the objects are seen in the context of the culture. To present a cohesive picture of ancient Egyptian society, its technology, its social system, and its beliefs.

Egypt State Information Service: Museums in Egypt Includes a multimedia presentation.

Egyptian Artifacts from the David M. Robinson Collection The University Museums at the University of Mississippi.

Egyptian Artifacts from the David M. Robinson Collection The University Museums at the University of Mississippi. The Museums' collections represent the fields of archaeology, art, anthropology, decorative arts, history, science and technology.

Egyptian Artifacts from the David M. Robinson Collection Staatliche Museen zu Berlin see also: Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung.

Egyptian Museum of the Uruguayan Society of Egyptology About 50% of the collection is authentic. In 1984 the Uruguayan Society of Egyptology opened an Egyptian Museum with the purpose of offering the students of the Uruguayan Institute of Egyptology an opportunity to see ancient Egyptian objects without leaving the premises. The small collection consisted then of mostly good reproductions of such objects obtained from big European or North American museums.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Tutankhamun, Late Period, Funary Collection, Sculpture, Jewellery

Emory University Carlos Museum : Ancient Egyptian Art The collection of Ancient Egyptian antiquities at the Michael C. Carlos Museum covers the full spectrum of Egyptian civilization, from the earliest Predynastic times, to the period of Roman domination. Some exhibitions are on loan.

Hunterian Museum - The Egyptian Exhibition University of Glasgow: Egyptian Collection. Jim Devine

McClung Museum - Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In this exhibition, the ancient Egyptians still speak to us through passages taken from their writings and through the many objects they left behind. A fine collection of both original objects and some replicas which complement them are arranged in this gallery by subject categories such as history, daily life, religion, and writing.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Art Timeline of Art History.

Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna, Egyptian Collection

Museo Gregoriano Egiziano [Europe] [Museums]

Museum of Fine Arts - Egyptian collection The Museum of Fine Arts houses one of the finest Egyptian collections of its kind in the world. A visit to the collection is a great way to learn about Egyptian art and civilization. It`s also a chance to learn about history, language, religion, anthropology, and archaeology. There are approximately 40,000 objects in the collection.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Egypt Page. The Museum of Fine Arts houses one of the finest Egyptian collections of its kind in the world. A visit to the collection is a great way to learn about Egyptian art and civilization. It`s also a chance to learn about history, language, religion, anthropology, and archaeology. There are approximately 40,000 objects in the collection.

Museums and Exhibits (Big Collection) WWW Egyptology Links. Museum Gustavianum. Uppsala University

Oriental Institute Virtual Museum VRML 3-dimensional perspectives.

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden - Leiden. Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is het nationaal centrum voor archeologie waar jong en oud kan genieten van de beschavingen uit het oude Egypte en het Nabije Oosten, de Griekse en Romeinse wereld en het vroege Nederland.

Royal Ontario Museum

Seattle Art Museum - Egypt: gift of the Nile. This web site complements the Egypt, Gift of the Nile exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, on view October 15, 1998 through January 10, 1999. Site contains ticket information, exhibition description, essays on ancient Egyptian culture, a virtual offering table, multimedia glossary on Egyptian terms, tons of fun stuff for kids, and an extensive links page to other great sites on Egypt.

Splendors of Ancient Egypt. Features masterpieces from the world-renowned collection of Egyptian art from the prestigious Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim, Germany. [Houston Museum of Fine Arts]

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Giza Pyramids The Giza Pyramids form one part of a vast necropolis, or city of the dead, that housed hundreds of individual tombs of Egypt`s governing elite during the Old Kingdom (Dynasties 4-6, about 2630-2250 BC).

The Cleveland Museum of Art - Pharaohs Includes Rosetta Stone, A fun site for kids that explains the times of the Pharaohs. Also see Egyptian art treasures from the Louvre.

The Coptic Museum, Cairo Coptic Monuments are considered as a liaison between Ancient Egyptian Art during the Pharaonic and the Graeco-Roman periods on one hand and the Islamic era on the other. This fact granted these monuments a great importance in the Egyptian Art in general. [Egypt] [Museums]

The Detroit Institute of Art - Egypt Ancient Art Department. The arts of the ancient Mediterranean world of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as the ancient Near East and Islam, are well represented in the Department of Ancient Art. The scope of the collection is broad in both time and geography; it exhibits a range that includes prehistoric objects from the caves of Mount Carmel in Israel to gold artifacts from the Bronze Age in Ireland. Virtually every artistic medium is represented including pottery, stone, glass, textile, and metal. Categories of art include sculpture, architecture, painting, weapons, armor, jewelry, textiles, and mummies.

The Egypt Centre - Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities There are over 4500 items in the collection. Most of them were collected by the pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome. Others came to us from: the British Museum; the Royal Edinburgh Museum; National Museums and Galleries of Wales Cardiff; the Royal Albert Museum and Art Gallery and also private donors. Sir Henry Wellcome collected items from excavations. Included in the Egypt Centre collection are items from Armant, Armana, Esna, Mostagedda, etc. Additionally he collected items from individuals. These included Robert de Rustafjaell, Gayner-Anderson, Berens and Macgregor.

The Egyptian Museum Cairo Maydan El Tahrir, Cairo. [Egypt] [Museums]

The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology The text and images in The Kelsey On-Line are for the personal use of students, scholars, and the public. University of Michigan.

The Manchester Museum Manchester Museum has one of the finest Egyptian collections in Britain and, in some aspects, it has few rivals among the museums of the world.

The Nubia Museum, Aswan The Nubia Museum, in Aswan, as a matter of fact, is deemed to be one of the most important Egyptian museums. A number of factors have combined together, yielding the magnificence of such museum, as it is the only unique open museum of its kind.

The Official Harwa Web Site The Mission of the Archaeological Museum of Milan (Civiche Raccolte Archeologiche di Milano) initiated excavations in Egypt at the Tomb of Harwa (TT 37) in 1995 under the direction of Francesco Tiradritti. The tomb is located on the West Bank of Luxor near the temple of Hatshepsut. The mission is sponsored by the Cultural Association "Harwa 2001".
[Archaeological Museum of Milan: The Tomb of Harwa]

The Oriental Institute Museum The Newly Reopened Joseph and Mary Grimshaw Egyptian Gallery. The 4000-square foot gallery displays approximately 800 objects dating from the Predynastic Period (ca. 5000 B.C.) to the Arab conquest (7th century A.D.).

Unwrap a Mummy With Your Mouse Akhet: The Horizon to Ancient Egypt w/clickable mummy

Zagreb Archaeological Museum The Egyptian Collection The Egyptian collection contains more than 2100 items, most of them purchased in the last century from the family of the Austrian vice-marshal Franz Koller. Earlier periods of Egyptian history are represented in the collection by funerary and votive stone stelae from the Middle Kingdom (2040-1785 BC), as well as several objects from the New Kingdom (1552-1070 BC). Most of the collection is composed of material from the Late Period of ancient Egypt (1070 BC - AD 30). From this period (and particularly from that of the Saite rulers of the XXVI dynasty), come a series of stone and bronze monuments. The museum possesses a rich collection of ushapti figurines and canopic vases. The material from the Ptolemaic period primarily includes bronze statuettes of deities, and two sarcophagi are of the same date, along with several papyrus manuscripts with writings from the Book of the Dead.

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