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Ancient Egypt : Maps & Geography

ABZU Bibliography: Search Oriental Institute Abzu is a guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet.

Aswan dam on the Nile Corbis Images [Modern Egypt] [Images]

Giza Plateau Mapping Project

Google Images: Maps of Ancient Egypt Excellent thumbnails of maps.

Map Of Egypt Ancient Cairo Safari Egypt offers a nice colletion of maps for all parts of Egypt.

Map of the Nile Valley from Talla to Geziret Shandawil

Map of Trade Routes and Empires Map of Trade Routes and great empires of the 1st Century AD.

Theban Mapping Project During the last decade, the TMP has concentrated on the Valley of the Kings. Modern surveying techniques were used to measure its tombs. From the data collected, the TMP is preparing 3-D computer models of the tombs. And of course, the TMP is continuing its excavation of KV 5. For the TMP staff, sharing their work with the interested public is just as important as what they do in the field. This has been done through a series of publications and this growing website.