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Ancient Egypt : Egyptology
Egyptology Professional Societies & Academic Studies

ARCE Orange County California Chapter [Egyptology] [United States] [Professional Societies]

American Research Center in Egypt [Egyptology] [United States] [Professional Societies]

Ancient Egypt Research Associates [Egyptology] [United States] [Professional Societies]

ARCE Northern California Chapter [Egyptology] [United States] [Professional Societies]

Egyptologica Vlaanderen VZW [Egyptology] [Europe] [Professional Societies]

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities [Egyptology] [United States] [Professional Societies]

Sussex Egyptology Society online one of Britain's most successful regional Egyptology groups. It is also a gateway to the whole of Britain's Egyptological scene - and, of course, to the wonders of Egypt's ancient civilisation. [Egyptology] [U.S.] [Professional Societies]

The Egypt Exploration Society [Europe] [Professional Societies]

The International Association of Egyptologists [International] [Professional Societies]

The Sudan Archeological Research Society The British Museum, London. Through lectures, seminars and newsletters, the Sudan Archaeological Research Society aims to promote interest in the Sudan`s cultural heritage and raise awareness of its place in the history of mankind. Most significantly, the Society mounts expeditions to excavate and record threatened sites before they are lost to knowledge forever. [Egyptology] [Europe] [Professional Societies]