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Timelines & Charts : General

613 Mitzvos according to Sefer Hamitzvos of Rambam. 248 Positive Mitzvos and 365 Negative Mitzvos.

A Brief Timeline Of The Celtic People From 900 BC. Basic.

A Chronology of Chinese History Timeline Dynasties of China with their dates from Xia (2100-1600 BC) to Qing (1644-1911 AD).

A Roman History Timeline to Constantine From prehistory to Constantine, major periods showing events from the social, literary, legal, and political spheres. [VRoma Project]

A Short History of Cyprus Cyprian timeline from its Mesozoic formation to the present; with artifact and photographic illustrations.

A Timeline of Viking History 787-1066 [People in History]

A variety of calendars Many different calendars have been developed over the millennia to help people organize their lives. According to a recent estimate, there are about forty calendars used in the world today, particularly for determining religious dates. Most modern countries use the Gregorian calendar (see the Year) for their official activities.


Ancient History Timeline Covers the theory of the emergence of homo sapiens to 1648.

Ancient History Timeline with Detailed Info Ancient Time Lines. Information on the sequence of events in the ancient world, ancient history timelines, and the dynasties of kings and pharaohs.

Ancient History Timelines for Countries & Continents up to about 1000 AD. "- Africa "- Americas "- Asia "- Australia and South Pacific "- Europe "- Middle East

Ancient Mesopotamia Timeline Mesopotamian Timeline from 5000 BC- 250 BC. Timeline divided into periods: Sumerian and Akkadian, Babylonian and Hittite, and Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Civilizations.

Babylonian and Assyrian Timeline From 9000 - 539 BC invasions of the Persians, map and text.

Branches or Subdivisions of Judaism In broad historical perspective

Byzantium Through The Ages Timeline. Early, Middle, and Late Byzantium [MET Museum] [People in History]

Catholic Timeline (605 BC to 3 AD). Map and Illustrations.

Central Asian History Timeline 1200 BC to 1600 AD beginning with invasions of the Cimmerians and then by the Scythians.

Chinese Dynasties Timeline Dynasty with dates within and outside of China. 1600 BC - 2000 AD

Chinese History Timeline dynasties [People in History]

Chinese History Timeline List of dynasties from 2000 BC to the present People's Republic. With links to the emperors in each dynasty.

Chronological History of Cyprus Prehistoric to 1983.

Chronological List of Mathematicians Approximate dates for mathematicians beginning with Ahmes in 1650 BC.

Chronological Timetable of Book History Clay tablets, papyrus, bamboo, parchment, wax tablets, and paper were all used between 3500 and 100 BC. Timetable extends to 16th Century.

Chronology 1 - 199 ce [Timelines and Charts]

Chronology 200 to 640 ce

Chronology of Ancient Egypt Outline from prehistory to 395 AD.

Chronology of Ancient Egypt Major periods and dynasties. [Carnegie Museum of Natural History]

Chronology of Christianity Detailed chronology (1AD - the present).

Chronology of Epidemics 480 BC - Some Historically Significant Epidemics [Timeline]

Chronology of Events Timeline Southeast Asian history, particularly Korean, from 7193-2133.

Chronology of Roman History 25 year intervals. Consulships and other information. Covers from the Trojan War to the Byzantine Empire.

Chronology of Roman Rulers Chronology of Roman Rulers (200 BCE""565 CE). By Dr. K.C. Hanson

Chronology of Russian History This page dates the major (and some not so major) events in Russian history and links them with explanatory and related materials on the Web.

Chronology of the Near East EAWC Chronology: The Near East Timeline with links from 3450 BC to 66 CE [University of Evansville.]

Chronology of the Qin Timeline Qin Dynasty from 314-202 BC. Events mainly about imperial expansion and succession.

Chronology: Rome EAWC page of annotated dates. 200 BC-568 AD [University of Evansville.]

Classical Myth Timeline Major period (Neolithic, Minoan, Bronze, Geometric, Dark, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman).

Comparative Chronology of Money 9,000 BC.- 499 AD.


Cross Cultural Timeline From The History Channel, this graphic timeline shows what was happening in America, Europe, Middle East, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Africa for 500 years starting in 500 BC.

Cross Cultural Timeline Egypt, Nubia, Mesopotamia, and Persia from 3500-00 BC. [Oriental Intitute]

Dates in Irish Myth and Legend Legendary events based on The Book of Takings, The Annals of the Four Masters, Ulster, Clonmacnoise, and Tigernach, and Chronicum Scotorum.

Early and Late Roman republic (Timeline) Includes timelines and a nice map. After the expulsion of the Etruscans, the monarchy became a republic. At first, the power was in the hands of the patricians, or upper class. These patricians were normally of hereditary nobility. During this time, Rome began to conquer lands and expanded into the south of Etruria . However, there was conflict between the plebeians, or the lower class and the patricians.

EAWC Chronology of the Near East The Near East Timeline with links from 3450 BC to 66 CE [University of Evansville.]

EAWC Chronology India Timeline from 3200 (Indus Valley civilization) - 184 BC (the end of the Maurya dynasty).

Egypt Table of Dynasties Up to the present.

Egyptian Chronology List of the periods with commentary.

Egyptian Timeframe A general timeline.

Egyptian Timeline Timeline with links to pictures and text.

Glossary of terms related to Judaism This Glossary is based on the GLOSSARY for the Study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam version 9301 (1993 January), uncopyrightable factual information.

Greek Classics Timeline From Homer to Menander, showing major Greek writers and dates of plays.

Harbor Chronology. (Caesarea) A brief historical chronology of the harbor from primary documents by Dr. Avner Raban. [Articles of Interest] [Caesarea] [Archaeology]

Historical Japanese Timeline Periods from the Jomon (10,000-300 BC) to the Showa (1926-1989) with their salient points.

Historical Timeline 600 BC - 1400 AD Nicely done, in color. [Ancient Near East] [Coins]

Historical Timeline of Ancient Egypt a timeline of the periods, dynasty's, and some significant people associated with those timeframes.

Historical Timeline of the Celts Resume of the involvment of the Celtic peoples in Europe and the Romans in Britain from 1200 BC to 446 AD.

History of Egypt Timeline Timeline with links of the dynasties and from the Lower Paleolithic to the British Occupation.

History of India Timeline From supposedly 400,000 BC to 1206 AD

India and Southern Asia Timeline From the Indus Valley Civilization about 3000 BC to 1750.

Jain History Timeline tracks the history of the religion. [Mythology and Religion]

Japanese History Overview Timeline Japanese dates from 300 BC

Kings of Egypt Timeline with links of the rulers of Egypt to 565 AD.

Kings of the Kingdom of Rome (Timeline) Dates of the kings of Rome from Romulus to Tarquin the Proud. Censors of the Republic; Ordinary Consuls of the Republic and Empire, 300 BC -- 68 AD; House of the Caesares - a genealogical guide to the Julio Claudians; Roman Emperors

Last of the Wine Chronology Timeline 431-399 BC.

Life Expectancy Table and graph of life expectancy in Ancient Rome.

Maui and Hawaiian Timeline migration island population [People in History]

Mesopotamia Timeline 3500 BC - 300 AD Mesopotamian Timeline Six periods, descriptions, people, places and gods.

Mesopotamia Timeline of Art History 8000-2000 BC Encompasses history and present-day Iraq and northeastern Syria

Mesopotamian Timeline migration island population [People in History]

Mesopotamian Timeline [People in History]

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Timeline of Art History World events and Greco-Roman art developments.

Mexico a Brief History The Alamo's Historic Past The Age of Santa Anna More of the Alamo Main Mexico Page Americas On The Eve Of Invasion Earliest Mexican Civilizations Cortez Maximilian, Fall of Mexican/American War Mexican Mythology (Early) Mexico and the Texans Mexican Revolution

Military History of the Roman State (Timeline) This is a listing of works relevant to particular campaigns and battles in Roman history (753 BC - AD 476).

Military Technology and Metallurgy Timeline [Weapons and Warfare]

Parthenon Graphics Ancient Egypt, The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, Old Testament, and more (commercial site) [People in History]

Poppa's Ancient World 3500-400 BC. (Timeline) "From the start of recorded history, the Near East has played an integral part in shaping the world we know. From the first real civilisation, the Sumerians, through the struggle for power between the Egyptian and Hittite empires and the rise and fall of the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires, this region provides a wealth of fascinating facts and stories. Here we will be taking a look at three main areas; Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Syria/Israel, which are all marked on the map below. Although the complete Egyptian history is not included in this section, Egypt did have a big influence and therefore have been included in the timelines."

Regal Period and Early Republic (Timeline) Origin of early rulers, events, and census.

Roemer-und Pelizaeus Museum collection Splendor's of Ancient Egypt - The Land - The Afterlife - Daily Life - School Tours - Chronology - Gods and Goddesses - People

Roman Dates (Timeline) Ancient Roman Timeline and Dates. Phase I (753 - 146 B.C.): the Republic Comes to Power

Roman Emperors (Timeline) The Imperial Index From Augustus to Constantine XI Palaeologus with links to individual emperors

Roman Timeframe (Timeline) From before the founding of Rome to the fall of the Byzantine.


Rome & the Roman Empires (Timeline) List of the rulers of Rome from the early Roman Empire, to 1453 in the East and 476 in the West.

Rome Chronology (Timeline) Some civil, political, and military events selected for each year from 1-168.

Rulers of Ancient Korea Timeline Dates of rulers.

Rulers of Ancient Rome (Timeline) Ancient Roman leaders. A list of kings, consuls, consular dictators and tribunes with some info on Roman nomenclature.

Rulers of the World Selected World Rulers by Country or Region. Extensive lists of rulers from all over the world, including data on languages, cities, alternate spellings and much more...

Scottish History Timeline Hadrian's and Antonine's Walls, Boudicca, Romans naming the Scots.

Silk Road Chronology Timeline 5000 BC - 1900 AD, major events and advances with impact on the silk trade.

Standard Chronology Standard Chronology according to Judaism by Dr. James D. Tabor. Timeline of events, Ancient Empires, Roman Emperors, and Herodian Rulers

Succession of Dynasties List of rulers from the Archaic Period to the 32nd Dynasty and the Arab conquest in 641 AD.

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The Censors of the Roman Republic The identities of the early Censors are not all known to us, buta continuous list exists from 280 BC onwards. [Rome] [Political Resources]

The Chronology of Kings Indian and Hindu Kings [People in History]

The Chronology of Kings Timeline Kings in India for 124 generations ending in 1193 AD; broken down into exact number of days each ruled.

The Egyptian calendar The earliest Egyptian calendar was based on the moon's cycles, but the lunar calendar failed to predict a critical event in their lives: the annual flooding of the Nile river. The Egyptians soon noticed that the first day the "Dog Star," which we call Sirius, in Canis Major was visible right before sunrise was special. The Egyptians were probably the first to adopt a mainly solar calendar. This so-called 'heliacal rising' always preceded the flood by a few days. Based on this knowledge, they devised a 365-day calendar that seems to have begun in 4236 B.C., the earliest recorded year in history.

The Greeks Crucible of Civilization Timeline Dates from the 1300 BC to 337 BC, political and military events, and events in the lives of major Greek writers. Nicely done with lots of images. Can be slow loading but worth the visit. [PBS Online]

The Intertestamental Period 400 - 4 BC With Notes on Judaism From Bible History Online Part One - The Intertestimental Period 400 - 4 BC. HISTORICAL TIME CHART (Historical with an emphasis on Judaism) 3 Part Series. Note: The dating is approximate and follows certain events in Israel, Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt, and China. The Notes in blue are a commentary on the effects of hellenization on the Jewish people.

The Transmission of the Bible to English Timeline Brief Sketch. 500 BC-1984 AD. [English Versions] [Bible History]

Time Chart of Ancient Cartography Index of Cartographic Images illustrating maps from the Ancient Period: 6,200 B.C. to 400 A.D. [Cartographic Images]

Time Chart of Historical Cartography Timeline showing development of cartographic concepts; with illustrations and trivia.

Time-Line for the History of Judaism Adopted from the University of Pennsylvania course Religious Studies 014 (R. Kraft, revised Jan 1993)

Timeline for Central Asian History 1200 BC to 1600 AD [People in History]

Timeline for the History of Judaism Approximate dating of Bible and secular history.

Timeline of Ancient Greece 2000-250 BC, Events including the founding of the Academy, the first Olympics, revolutions, alliances, and victories, and Alexander's campaigns.

Timeline of Ancient History Main Page

Timeline of Ancient Rome and the Aeneid From the Fall of Troy in 1184, through the Regal Period, the Republic and into the Empire as far as 19 AD when Vergil died. [Exploring Ancient World Cultures].

Timeline of India Periods _ _ Pre-History _ rttt Indus & Saraswati Civilizations _ 56 Vedic Period _ _ Rise of Jainism and Buddhism _ Mauryan Period _ _ Golden Age of Indian Arts & Sciences _ Muslim Invasions

Timeline of Ovid`s Life Events in Rome, pubblication dates for Ovid and other authors.

Timeline of Roman History Major events from the founding of Rome in 753 BC to the Catilinarian Conspiracy in 66 BC.

Timeline of the Celts from 900 BC to the Battle of Hastings (1066).

Timeline of the Roman Emperors From Augustus to Justinian. Bible History Online. [Timeline]

Timeline of Western Legal History Chronology of significant events in the history of law from 4000 BC to 1500 AD.

Timeline: Ancient Rome chrononology with hyperlinks, quotes, and images. [People in History]

TIMELINE: ANCIENT ROME Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material and new perspectives upon the roles of women in ancient time.

Timeline: Roman Emperors Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

Timeline: The United Kingdom Through The Captivity Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

Timelines in world history "- Assyria "- Babylonia "- China "- Egypt "- Etruria "- Greece "- Hittites "- Israel "- Lydia "- Macedonia "- Minoa "- Mitanni "- Mycenae "- Persia "- Phoenicia "- Phrygia "- Rome "- Sassinia "- Sumer "- Vikings [People in History]

Timelines of Art History Cross-cultural timeline of the world BC with links to art work of various periods and cultures.

Timelines: the development of (Western) Christianity Timelines: the development of (Western) Christianity the emergence of Christian Scriptures, and the history of Biblical manuscripts, interpretation, and authority Dr. Charles Ess, Drury College [Timelines and Charts] [Church History]

Timetable of Old Korea Timeline List of epochs and main events from Prehistory to 676 AD

Timetable of World Legal History From 2350 BC: Urukagina's Code to 1948: The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

World Population Timeline a summary of World Population Growth history from 10,000 BC to 2050 AD.