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Caesar's Campaigns in Gaul (58-50 BC) [Athena Review Image Archive]

Classical Atlas Project Atlas of the Greek and Roman World. [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Historical Map Resources Flags, Maps, Geography, Timelines, This Day in History, Holidays, Distances, Money

Map of the Second Punic War [University of Oregon]

Map of the Underworld Map and summary showing the mythical passages of Odysseus and Aeneas in the Underworld.

Roman Italy: Urbanization and Roads This interactive map shows the progress from 300-1 BC. [University of Oregon]

Roman Italy: Urbanization and Roads (map) Second Punic War Interactive map site showing locations and routes of 4 phases of the fighting. Uses Shockwave. [University of Oregon]

Tabula Peutingerian Shown here are reproductions of an early road map of the imperial highways of the Roman world, covering the area roughly from southeast England to present day Sri-Lanka. It is not a 'map' in the true sense of the word, but a cartogram.

The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent Clicking anywhere on this map will give you a more detailed look at that portion of the Roman Empire. [J. Vanderspoel, Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History, University of Calgary]

The Roman Empire, A.D. 12 The Roman Empire, 12 CE

The Roman Empire, A.D. 150

The Roman Empire, A.D. 150 (Map)

The Roman Empire, A.D. 500 (Map)