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November 21    Scripture

Ancient Israel: Naval
Ancient Ships, Vessels, Boats, and Naval Warfare

Jewish Pirates Jewish pirates: hardly known group of buccaneers, active in the early first century BCE. The ancient Jews were not known for their qualities as sailors. This is not surprising, of course, because Jerusalem is at some distance from the sea, and the Jews were never really interested in the coast of Judaea. It was only after the Hasmonaean high priest Simon (142-134) had added Jaffa to his dominions that the Jews possessed a port of their own... Simon's son and successor John Hyrcanus (134-104) took Ashdod, and king Alexander Jannaeus added Gaza and Strato's Tower (later called Caesaraea). The hellenized population of these towns was usually loyal to the Hasmonaean state, and not a few of them accepted Judaism. In this way, a small group of Jewish sailors was created.

The Navy of King Solomon and Israel Ancient ships in Art History: The Navy of King Solomon and Israel One particular area of interest, which is central to the story of Solomon, was the fact that he was credited with having employed a large Naval force in the conduct of his trade. In addition to having a navy Solomon is credited with being a shrewd diplomat with alliances to the kingdoms of Sheba, Egypt, and Phoenicia all of which were known to have had extensive seafaring capabilities at this time in ancient history. The Queen of Sheba alone was credited with having over 400 seafaring ships for conducting trade.

The Ship of Oniyahu Ancient Ship The Ship of Oniyahu. This coin was issued by the Bank of Israel to commemorate the ancient Hebrew seal used by Oniyahu Ben Meirav. (8th Century BCE) An ancient sailing ship with "Israel" in Hebrew, English & Arabic...

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