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November 15    Scripture

Ancient Israel: Texts & Inscriptions
Ancient Israel and the Near East

Assyriological Texts West Semitic Research

Dead Sea Scrolls West Semitic Research

Elephantine Papyri West Semitic Research

Israel Exploration Journal Ancient texts, inscriptions and more. For half a century, the Israel Exploration Journal has been a major interdisciplinary, scholarly forum for current archaeological, historical and geographical research about Israel and its environs. Articles span a broad chronological range, from prehistoric through historical periods. The primary emphasis is the archaeology of Israel: the Israel Exploration Journal is a core journal and primary source of information in this field. Order Online. [Israel Exploration Society]

Non Semitic Inscriptions West Semitic Research

Northwest Semitic Inscriptions West Semitic Research

Other Papyri West Semitic Research

Other Periodicals from the Israel Exploration Society Excavations, Archaeology, Geography and more. [Israel Exploration Society]

Syrus Siniaticus West Semitic Research

The Leningrad Codex West Semitic Research

Ugaritic Tablets West Semitic Research

Uninscribed Objects and Seals West Semitic Research

USCARC Collection Cuneiform Tablets, Seals & Seal Impressions, Pottery, Statues & Figures, Weights, Plaques. West Semitic Research

WSRP Database The WSRP Database contains information and search capabilities for West Semitic Research photographs of objects and inscriptions. West Semitic Research

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