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November 15    Scripture

Ancient Israel: Cities

Ancient City Search This searches cities of the ancient world and brings up a description about each city. Right now only NT Israel is searchable. Bible History Online.

Babylonia The city of Babylon was the capital of the ancient land of Babylonia in southern Mesopotamia. It was situated on the Euphrates River about 50 miles south of modern Baghdad, just north of what is now the modern Iraqi town of al-Hillah. Bible History Online.

Galilee, Samaria, and Judea in the First Cent. AD Josephus (37- after 93 CE): from The Jewish War

Helpful Maps A growing database of maps for study and teaching. Bible History Online.

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Israel, The Center of the World. Little did the descendants of Abraham, also known as the Hebrews, realize what was in store for them as they entered into the land of Canaan. Their relatively small territory was right in the heart of the ancient world and on the borders of three gigantic land masses, Asia, Africa and Europe. Every great kingdom around them, from the north, south, east and west, along with their conquering monarchs would be confronted with Israel and learn about their people, their laws and the holy Oracles of the One whose kingdom will never pass away. Bible History Online.

Jerusalem Fashioned For A King Jerusalem Fashioned For A King. Long before the threshing floor of Araunah was ever purchased by David or the Temple of Solomon had ever become a twinkle in Solomon's eye, Jerusalem had long been strategically set apart in the providence of an Almighty God as the city of the great King. Not until the foundations of the great Temple of Solomon were being laid was there even the slightest glimpse of the wealth of resources available below the ground level of the magnificent city of Jerusalem. Bible History Online.

N.T. Palestine Map and Glossary. Ancient Israel. Bible History Online.

Nazareth During the time of Christ. The little town of Nazareth was one of the loveliest spots in Galilee. Situated on the southeast slope of a hollow pear shaped basin, which descends gradually from the elevated plateau 1500 feet above sea level and opens out through a steep winding way -the stem of the pear-into the plain of Esdraelon, a thousand feet lower. Bible History Online.

Phoenicia and the Coastal Cities David had long since been friends with the Phoenicians and had made a treaty with Hiram, king of Tyre, who he had received materials and labor for his palace. This brought peace between them and there were never any wars between David and Phoenicia.

Seasons and Months in Palestine. Everyday life in Israel was largely affected by that which was beyond the control of man, the seasons and the weather. This section contains a brief sketch of the seasons, climate, rainfall, dews, and months of Israel. Bible History Online.

Sepphoris or Zippori The largest city in Galilee was located just south of the road from Ptolemaïs to Tiberias, about half-way between the Mediterranean & the sea of Galilee, on a steep ridge that rises 300 feet above the valley floor. It was fortified in the 7th c. BCE, during the Assyrian occupation of Israel & served subsequent Babylonian, Persian & Hellenistic empires as an administrative center for the region. In 104 BCE it was taken by Hasmonean forces led by either Aristobulus I or Alexander Jannai. But a generation later Gabinius, the Roman governor of Syria gave Sepphoris its own council (Sanhedrin), making it independent of Jerusalem.

The Influence of the Mediterranean Sea. The Influence of the Mediterranean Sea. Everything came to Israel by way of the Great Sea. The Roman rule and the procurator who condemned Jesus to death; as well as the Greek language, and that Greek view of life which not only created the ten cities of Decapolis but deeply influenced the more liberal Jews. Bible History Online.

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