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Intertestamental: Timelines and Charts
Ancient Timelines from the period between the Testaments

Alexander's Ancestors Like all ancient kings, Alexander claimed that the gods were his ancestors. Already in the fifth century, the Macedonian kings said that they descended from Perdiccas, who descended from Temenos, a king of Argos; and he was great-grandchild of Hyllus, the son of Heracles. The oldest source for this family tree can be found in book eight of the Histories of the Greek researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus (text).

Ancient History Timeline 400-300 BC (Bible History Online)

Cleopatra Timeline

Hellenistic and Maccabean Rulers History of Israel: Hellenistic and Maccabean Rulers Rulers in the Hellenistic and Maccabean eras. By Felix Just S.J. Ph.D. Dates (all BCE) refer to years of rule, not lifespans. Some dates are uncertain or only approximate; overlapping dates are due to co-regencies.

Herodian Tree

Maccabean/ Hasmonean Dynasty Chart

Maccabees Genealogy

Macedonia FAQ: Alexander the Great Timeline

Ptolemies In 332, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and gave a new capital to the old kingdom along the Nile, Alexandria. After his death (11 June 323), his friend Ptolemy became satrap of Egypt, and started to behave himself rather independently. When Perdiccas, the regent of Alexander's mentally unfit successor Philip Arridaeus arrived in 320, he was defeated. This marked the beginning of Egypt's independence under a new dynasty, the Ptolemies (or Lagids). Ptolemy accepted the royal title in 306. The fourteen kings of this dynasty were all called Ptolemy and are numbered by modern historians I to XV (Ptolemy VII never reigned). A remarkable aspect of the Ptolemaic monarchy was the prominence of women (seven queens named Cleopatra and four Berenices), who rose to power when their sons or brothers were too young. This was almost unique in Antiquity. Another intriguing aspect was the willingness of the Ptolemies to present themselves to the Egyptians as native pharaohs (cf. the pictures below, some of which are in Egyptian style). This was less unique: the Seleucid dynasty that reigned the Asian parts of Alexander's empire did the same.

Roman Timeline of the 2nd Century BC

Roman Timeline of the 3rd Century BC

Roman Timeline of the 4th Century BC

Roman Timeline of the First Century BC

The Romans - Pompey Timeline

The Silent Centuries Greek Rule -- The Ptolemies & Seleucids (332 - 168 BC) by Al Maxey. Covers: (Alexander) (The Diadochoi) (Ptolemy I) (Ptolemy II) (Ptolemy III) (Ptolemy IV) (Ptolemy V) (Antiochus III) (Seleucus IV) (Antiochus IV)

The Years of Silence Timeline

Timeline 1st Century BCE

Timeline 2nd Century BCE

Timeline 3rd Century BCE (300-201)

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