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A brief note about the Documentary Hypothesis... "The evidence presented here points to the following conclusion: there is much more uniformity and much less fragmentation in the book of Genesis than generally assumed. The standard division of Genesis into J, E, and P strands should be discarded. This method of source criticism is a method of an earlier age, predominantly of the 19th century. If new approaches to the text, such as literary criticism of the type advanced here, deem the Documentary Hypothesis unreasonable and invalid, then source critics will have to rethink earlier conclusions and start anew." [Old Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

About the Bible Links and Articles Accuracy; Contradictions; Archaeology; Inspiration; Inerrancy; History. Restoration Light Bible Study Services

Are There Contradictions in the Bible? by Kenneth W. Collins. [Answers and Evidence] [Bible]

Are There Errors And Contradictions In The Bible? We often get questions along the lines of "Explain how these verses do not contradict!" or "Look, here is an error in the Bible!" Admittedly, some of the things people bring up are difficult to answer. However, there are viable and intellectually plausible answers to every supposed Bible contradiction and error. Many "Bible attackers" are even aware of the answers, but they continue to use the same old shallow attacks again and again.

Bible Archaeology Many topics on the subject. How does archaeology conclusively demonstrate the Bible to be reliable and unique among all the holy books of world religions? [Archaeology] [Bible History]

Clement and OT and NT materials Did First Clement consider the NT materials to be on a par with the OT materials? [Answers]] [Church History] [Bible History]

Countering Bible Contradictions A list of 143 purported Bible contradictions, along with a suggestion for more contradictions not found in this list.

Criticism of the Bible " Got a Problem With the Bible?"

Did Clement use inauthentic sources? and could he even tell the difference? [Answers]] [Church History] [Bible History]

Does Archaeology Support Bible History? Book Excerpt from Hard Sayings of the Bible by Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Peter H. Davids, F. F. Bruce and Manfred T. Brauch [Archaeology] [Bible History]

Does the Bible Teach "Sola Scriptura"? Christian Research Journal, Kenneth R. Samples [New Testament Canon]

Extra-Biblical Historical Evidence of Jesus ANCIENT NON-CHRISTIAN SOURCES. GNOSTICS SOURCES. LOST WORKS QUOTED IN OTHER SOURCES. ANCIENT CHRISTIAN SOURCES (extra-biblical). Accurate Quotes. Church of Christ [Historical Evidence] [Jesus in History]

Flood and Noah Discussions Christian ThinkTank (Scroll down to Flood) Noah's ark -- the problem of size(5k) "Is there extra-biblical evidence for Post-flood longevity?(10k) Relationship between the Flood and Chinese Characters(2k) How could a God of Love order the massacre/annihilation of the Canaanites?(97k) Who were the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6?(2k) How likely is it that Noah was the only righteous person on the whole earth, at the time of the Flood?(63k) Are there any extra-biblical refs to longevity BEFORE the flood?(10k) [Old Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

Following the Light - Scriptural Truths The objective of Following the Light is to offer unbiased, scripturally based evidence to help people discover what God requires of them; bring hope to mankind, restore faith in God's promises, and bring glory to the Father and Son in Heaven.

God's Witness in History--the miracle of the Bible" Nice Outline from an ongoing weekly/fortnightly Course taught by Glenn Miller at the Palo Alto Pennisula Bible Church [Answers] [Bible History]

Got a Problem With the Bible? It is not uncommon to hear critics of the Bible speak of its "contradictions" and "inaccuracies." Yet if one studies the history of ancient writings, it is obvious that no book in history has been so carefully preserved over the centuries.

Grammatical-Historical Hermeneutics Interpret Grammatically, Historically and Critically. By Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum

How Archeology Proved the Bible's Accuracy By Louis Rushmore

How We Got the Bible Answering the most often asked questions. How was it decided which books belong in the Bible?

Is the Genesis account of creation to be read literally? The Genesis account is to be accepted as true and as inspired by God. However, other creation accounts in Scripture (Job 38 and Psalm 104) allow us to conclude that, for the Hebrews, it was more important to present an account of origins that would meet the needs of people constantly tempted to lapse into idolatry and paganism. In contrast to the secular accounts of the ancients' many diverse gods and goddesses who fought among themselves and created worlds and systems out of each other's dead carcasses, the Hebrew creation account is orderly, elegant and beautiful to read. The God of Genesis 1 towers over all things that were made. He calls them into being solely by his sovereign will. There is order, beauty and simplicity. Some scholars are convinced that this was done in six literal days and nights as the account reads. Plain Truth Ministries

Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament by Kenneth W. Collins. [Answers and Evidence] [Bible]

Manuscript Evidence for the Bible By Dr. Ron Rhodes. Compared to any other piece of ancient literature we have dozens of times more manuscripts for the Bible, with many being far closer in time to the originals than for other ancient literature. If no one goes around doubting if we have accurate copies of the writings of Aristotle, Herodotus, Josephus, etc., then how reasonable is it to dismiss the accuracy of the transmission of the Bible? [Manuscripts] [Answers and Evidence] [Bible History]

Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch Thus, the external evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Mosaic authorship of the core substance (and most of the form) of the Pentateuch. We have seen that the internal evidence for the antiquity of the Pentateuchal materials is exceedingly abundant, and that the external witness to Mosaic authority is virtually unanimous and very early. The main residual challenges to Mosaic authorship are in supposed historical inaccuracies (e.g. domestication of the camel), which I cannot go into now, but will later. The vast array of KNOWN historical points of validation, however, should engender a sense of humility in us, before judging this surprisingly accurate text as being in error! [Old Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

On Bible "Errors" and "Contradictions": A Defense of the Inerrancy of Scripture

Origin of the Bible The Bible is more wonderful and unique than any other book in the world. This is apparent from a variety of ways. No one man or group of men planned the Bible. It was written in different lands over a period of 1600 years. The very existence of such a book is an overwhelming proof that the Bible is not of man, but that it is a production of God. Electronic Christian Media

Proving the Historic Jesus Nice essay by Harry V. Martin. Including historical records, Jewish writing, and findings. Note: Unfortunately he concludes his message by discrediting the New Testament's reliability [Historical Evidence] [Jesus in History]

Reliability of the New Testament and alleged Bias My Interaction with James Still over the alleged bias and reliability of the NT by Glenn Miller [Answers]] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

Scientific Accuracy of the Bible David M. Skjaerlund. The Bible, passed down through many generations of recorded history, is the basis of Christianity and contains God's instructions for man. The Bible also describes the origin of life on earth. Many have questioned whether a book written thousands of years ago could still be found accurate when scrutinized by modern science. But each time man thought that science contradicted the Bible, later scientific discoveries proved it to be true - while proving the previous scientific theories to be false.

The Anvil that Has Worn Out Many Hammers Nineteenth century writer H.L. Hastings once forcibly illustrated the unique way in which the Bible has withstood the attacks of skepticism.

The Authority of Biblical Silence By Louis Rushmore. Sometimes biblical silence is as outspoken as any Scriptural statement. What the Bible does not say contributes as much to Bible authority as what the Bible does say on any particular subject. It is precisely because the Bible does say something regarding a topic which causes biblical silence on the same topic to be authoritative. In areas, though, where the Bible stipulates nothing, in the same areas silence does not constitute Bible authority.

The Bible - Is It Authentic? Through the centuries Christians have been called upon to give a reason or defense for their faith.1 Since the Scriptures lay at the very foundation of their faith in Christ, it has been incumbent upon Christian apologists to provide evidence for the inspiration of the Bible.

The Bible: Reliable Enough for Matthew Fontaine Maury The Bible: Reliable Enough for "the Father of Modern Navigation"

The Book That Changed History By Jay Rogers. It is subversive literature. It has led to the overthrow of governments, sparked mass migrations across oceans, and more than once changed the course of history. Governments - from the 16th-century English monarchy to the Communist Soviet Union - have gone to great lengths to restrict or even prevent its printing and distribution. Yet it has outlasted its enemies. It is the most popular book ever printed. No other has been translated into so many languages and few have had such impact on the development of those languages. It is, of course, the Bible, portions of which have been translated into 1,946 of the 5000 languages of the world. This includes 318 languages into which the entire Bible has been translated. No other book even comes close to these numbers.

The Book That Has Survived Its Enemies The Bible, like no other book in history, has withstood vicious attacks from its enemies. Many have tried to ban it, burn it and outlaw it ... from the days of the Roman emperors to the present-day tyrant-dominated nations. Sidney Collett, in All About the Bible, says, "Voltaire, the noted French infidel who died in 1778, said that in one hundred years from his time Christianity would be swept from existence and passed into history. But what has happened? Voltaire has passed into history, while the circulation of the Bible continues to increase in almost all parts of the world, carrying blessing wherever it goes.

The Book that Refused to Be Written Dr. Frank Morrison, a lawyer who had been brought up in a rationalistic environment, had come to hold the opinion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was nothing but a fairy tale happy ending which spoiled the matchless story of Jesus. He felt that he owed it to himself and to others to write a book which would present the truth about Jesus, expose the misconceptions, and dispel forever the mythical story of the resurrection. Upon studying the facts, however, he, too, came to a different conclusion. The sheer weight of the evidence compelled him to conclude that Jesus actually did rise from the dead.

The Canon of the Old Testament I. The term "Canon". II. The Purpose of a Canon of Scripture. III. The Hebrew Canon. IV. The Greek Canon. (Ancient Near East). [Old Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

The Conspiracy Behind the New Bible Translations This is the first in a series of occasional short essays from the "Professor's Soap Box." It is not intended to be a detailed exposition; rather, it is meant to give you food for thought and to challenge some popular ideas. Biblical Studies Foundation, Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D. [New Testament Canon]

The Extent and Nature of Inspiration The following paper is a portion of a reaction paper written in 1987 on the question of inerrancy. By Dennis McCallum

The Influence of the Bible One writer has aptly noted that if every Bible in every city of the world was destroyed, the entire book could be restored by piecing together quotations from books on the shelves of public libraries. This example was given to show how often the Bible has been cited in the works of literature.

The Making of the Old Testament Data concerning HOW and TO WHAT EXTENT historical information passed down to Moses, the content originator of the first five books of the Bible. Note: The authorship of the first five books of the Bible is acribed to Moses by Jesus. This is BY FAR the most important reason to take traditional Mosaic authorship issues seriously. The antiquity and historical trustworthiness of the Pentateuch is taught very clearly by the Lord. [Old Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

The Skeptic Series - Who is Jesus Christ?
Opening Arguments
Errors in the Bible
The Virgin Birth and the genealogies of Jesus
The Preservation of the Bible
Did Jesus claim to be God?
Did Jesus die on the cross?
The Resurrection
Closing Arguments
The Verdict

Was First Clement aware of the NT materials? esp. written copies of them? [Answers]] [Church History] [Bible History]

Was Jesus dishonest? Was Jesus really fraudulent, dishonest, sacrilegious, and conspiratorial [Answers]] [Church History] [Bible History]

What About All the "Contradictions" in the Bible? There's a typical argument heard on campus, particularly in the religion department: "You can't trust the Bible because its full of inconsistencies and contradictions." Religion professors and skeptics of Christianity capitalize on the fact that there are thousands of various readings of both the Old and New Testaments ... leaving Christian faith with little to stand on.

What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and why are they important? The legends of what was contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls are far beyond what was actually there. There were no lost books of the Bible or other literature that there was not already other copies of. The vast majority of the Dead Sea Scrolls were simply copies of books of the Old Testament from 250-150 B.C. A copy or portion of nearly every Old Testament book was found in Qumran. There were extra-biblical and apocryphal books found as well, but again, the vast majority of the scrolls were copies of the Hebrew Old Testament. The Dead Sea Scrolls were such an amazing discovery in that the scrolls were in excellent condition and had remained hidden for so long (over 2000 years). The Dead Sea Scrolls can also give us confidence in the reliability of the Old Testament manuscripts since there were minimal differences between the manuscripts that had previously been discovered and those that were found in Qumran.

Why Christianity Is Unique Among Religions Some people think that Christianity is simply a certain set of beliefs and values, like any other world religion. But to those critics and scholars who have set out to study it, all have come away with the conclusion that Christianity is unique because it is based upon a historical event: namely, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Why Respond to Gail Riplinger? Biblical Studies Foundation, James White [New Testament Canon]