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    September 26    Scripture

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    A Brief Look at A Brief History of Time by Hugh Ross [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    Astronomical Evidences for the God of the Bible by Hugh Ross

    Darwin Under the Microscope by Michael Behe [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    Design and the Anthropic Principle by Hugh Ross [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    Evolution & Science Until this section is finished being indexed into the main database you can click here to see a list of links including the Bible History Online general resources on this subject, although many of these links are outdated. [Evolution & Science]

    Evolution versus Creationism A Stupid and Arrogant Fight by Kenneth W. Collins. [Evolution & Science]

    Evolution: fact or fantacy? Evolution: Theory Or Fact? Scientists comments on the scientific basis of Darwin's Theory of Evolution Darwin's theory of evolution is exactly that: a theory, with little in the way of hard scientific evidence to back it up. Yet it has been accepted almost as an article of faith in the modern world. However, as the following shows there are many within the scientific community who have voiced serious doubts over what still remains no more than a theory. Don't expect the mainstream media to make too much of the following though; the powers that be would rather we accept Darwin's theory as a proven fact rather than question it. Because that might lead us to question other accepted notions and dogmas, which in turn might even prompt us to start thinking for ourselves. And that is something the powers that be do not want to happen; their power rests on our acquiescence, which in turn depends on our ignorance, cultivated and conditioned by the mainstream media. Ed.

    Evolution: Theory or Fact

    Following the Evidence by Gregory Koukl [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    God & Evolution and Mother Nature by Gregory Koukl. What is the problem with evolutionists referring to "Mother Nature?" [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    How Did We Get Here? (A Cyber Debate) Phillip E. Johnson v. Kenneth R. Miller

    How to Sink a Battleship A call to separate materialist philosophy from empirical science by Phillip E. [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    Institute of Bible Technology, Hyderabad The Institute is about condemning false preachings. We conduct Bible Research Seminars according to the Scriptures. We give Bible Training free of cost. We preach the Christ Crusified with the evidence of the Science and Technology.

    Is Science a Threat or Help to Faith? by J.P. Moreland

    Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought by Norman Geisler

    Molecular Machines Experimental Support for the Design Inference by Michael Behe [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    Quantum Mechanics, a Modern Goliath by Hugh Ross [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    Scientific Accuracy of the Bible David M. Skjaerlund. The Bible, passed down through many generations of recorded history, is the basis of Christianity and contains God's instructions for man. The Bible also describes the origin of life on earth. Many have questioned whether a book written thousands of years ago could still be found accurate when scrutinized by modern science. But each time man thought that science contradicted the Bible, later scientific discoveries proved it to be true "" while proving the previous scientific theories to be false.

    Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God by Dr. Walter Bradley [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    The Disquisition Disquisition of biblical scripture-How the flood and Noah's Ark were possible?-Where was the ancient city of Babel? -How could the lineage from Adam to Abraham be so accurate? -Biblical Creation against Evolution and the Big Bang? -Bible curruption? Rome, the Whore of Babylon? -and much more

    The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton [Evolution] [Jesus] [Apologetics Sites]

    The Religion of the Blind Watchmaker by Phillip E. Johnson[Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    The Shell Game of Evolution and Creation by Hugh Ross [Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]

    What is Darwinism? by Phillip E. Johnson[Science & Scripture] [Evolution & Science]