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Ancient Lattice Windows The lattice window looked very much like a fisherman's net, and was used in warm middle eastern countries. It was formed of reticulated work, and highly ornamental. They also had hinges which allowed them to be open or shut. On very hot days then sun is kept out while the air is let in through the trellis openings.

Covenants & Treaties A Covenant then is an agreement between two parties, a greater to a lesser of unequal status made on certain terms. One party performs it, the other fulfils it. Electronic Christian Media

Feasts & Festivals The great lesson of the book of Leviticus is that the Holy God must have a Holy people, and that this holiness must embrace the whole of life. The New Testament principle is the same 'whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God'. Electronic Christian Media

Kinship in Bible Times From Dr. K. C. Hanson, "The social domain of kinship covers a broad range of institutions: genealogy and descent, marriage and divorce, and dowry-systems and inheritance. Because kinship in the ancient Mediterranean impacted virtually every part of life and every other social domain, it is fundamental for readers of the Bible to have a solid grasp of how kinship functioned in these cultures. While one might assume that "family" is a straightforward concept determined by biology, it is, in fact, a social construction."

Money The first recorded account of official minting of Jewish money was under Antiochus VII who gave Simon Maccabees the permission to produce a coin with his own mark on it. 1 Maccabees. 15:6 140 B.C. Electronic Christian Media

Old Testament Sacrifice: Magic or Sacrament? Short essay from Christian Resource Institute. Deals with the subject of sacrifice and rituals on the ancient "yom kippur" the day of atonement.

Sacrificial System It did not have power to remove sin, but was typical of the one great sacrifice of Christ, and to Him it pointed forward. It is noteworthy that when the three main offerings were offered together, the sin offering always preceded the burnt offering, and the burnt the peace offerings. Electronic Christian Media

The Jewish Calendar The Israelites would often designate the time by the type of growing season. Electronic Christian Media

The Needy In Jewish Tradition by Dennis Bratcher: "Jewish laws and traditions concerning treatment of the poor, widows, orphans, travelers, and others in need, grew directly from biblical commands. The Bible repeatedly expresses the obligation to help those who, for whatever reason, could not help themselves."

Weights & Measures Hebrew coinage was the basis of the weights for the Jews. These were the Gerah, Beka, Pim, Shekel, Mina, and Talent. Electronic Christian Media