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Inheritance Practices Inheritance Practices in the First Century Era. Short article providing background for Luke's story of the Prodigal son. From Christian Resource Institute.

Israel's Codes of Conduct Israel's Codes of Conduct Compared to Surrounding Nations A comparison of Israel's social laws as based on the Ten Words (Ten Commandments) with those of surrounding nations; while they shared many aspects, Israel's laws differed in three important ways.

Josephus' References to Crucifixion "Josephus (b. 37 C.E.) is our best literary source for the practice of crucifixion in Israel during the Greco-Roman period. As a general in command of the Jewish forces of Galilee in the Great Revolt against Rome (66-73 C.E.), he reports his attempts to save the lives of three crucified captives by appealing directly to the Roman general Titus. One survived the cross under a physician's care, the other two could not be saved." by Dr. James D. Tabor

Kinship in Bible Times From Dr. K. C. Hanson, "The social domain of kinship covers a broad range of institutions: genealogy and descent, marriage and divorce, and dowry-systems and inheritance. Because kinship in the ancient Mediterranean impacted virtually every part of life and every other social domain, it is fundamental for readers of the Bible to have a solid grasp of how kinship functioned in these cultures. While one might assume that "family" is a straightforward concept determined by biology, it is, in fact, a social construction."

Speaking the Language of Canaan A paper dealing with the Israelite appropriation of metaphors, symbols, and conceptual categories from the "pool" of ancient Middle Eastern culture, noting both the similarities and differences, and the implications both for understanding the OT, as well as for addressing the modern conflict of science and religion. From Christian Resource Institute.

Tax Collectors and Sinners Short article identifying these two groups in the social background of 1st century AD Judaism. From Christian Resource Institute.

The Needy in Jewish Tradition Brief look at the development from biblical persepctives of ways of dealing with the poor and needy in Judaism. From Christian Resource Institute.

Travelers and Strangers "Hospitality" in the Middle East. Short article dealing with the implications of Near Eastern social customs relating to travelers and resident aliens. From Christian Resource Institute.