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    Acts The purpose of Acts is stated in Acts 1:8. ' But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.' The remainder of the Book of Acts carries out this commission following the geographic description of our Lord. Electronic Christian Media

    Archaeology and the Bible Covers several topics. Electronic Christian Media

    Christian 'bias' in the NT Writers Does it render the NT unreliable or inadmissible as evidence? [Answers]] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Chronology of composition of the books of the NT A chronology of composition of the books of the NT and other early Christian sources by Tom Elseroad. [Timelines] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Critique of New Testament Reliability Response James Still's "Critique of New Testament Reliability and 'Bias' in NT Development"--my initial response (cont.). [Timelines] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Critique of New Testament Reliability Response James Still's "Critique of New Testament Reliability and 'Bias' in NT Development"--my initial response (cont.). [Answers]] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Customs of the Tax Collectors "The tax collector could walk up to any traveler, on any road within his district and ask him to drop all of his goods in order to exact tax."

    Date and Authenticity of the New Testament In the early twentieth century, most scholars dated the New Testament documents as follows: Matthew, A.D. 851; Mark, A.D. 60-652; Luke, A.D. 80-853; John, A.D. 90-954; Pauline Epistles, A.D. 48-645.

    Demonology And The Existence Of God "If Satan exists, then we have powerful evidence for the validity of the Scriptural claims concerning supernatural activity. The demonic activity that has taken place in all ages is a testimony to the existence of a powerful spiritual force opposed to God."

    Development of the NT canon collected and organized by Glenn Davis [New Testament Studies] [Church History]

    Divisions and Organization of the Text (Chapters and Verses) When and where were they put in? [NT Studies]

    Epistles Pauline Epistles, Doctrinal Epistles, Prison Epistles, Pastoral Epistles, General Epistles. Electronic Christian Media

    Frequently Asked Questions About Scripture Over the years International Bible Society has received many questions about the Bible. Listed below are numerous answers to these questions. We hope you find these interesting and helpful.

    Galatians 4: The ABC's of Faith by Dr. W. euGene Scott (Ph.D., Stanford University) [N.T Studies]

    Gospels The four works called the Gospels are really four records of one Gospel. However the Gospel is not to be thought as only limited to the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Gospel is found through out the Bible and especially the rest of the New Testament. Electronic Christian Media

    Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic Covers several topics. Electronic Christian Media

    History and the New Testament By Jack Kilmon, Text and Images [Archaeology] [Bible History]

    History of The Tax Collector The Tax Collector or Tax Gatherer is the Greek word "telones" and the King James Version of the Bible translates the word "publican." He was contracted by Rome to collect taxes for the government during New Testament times.


    Josephus on the Death of James Selected texts from Josephus on the Death of James, brother of Jesus, in 62 C.E. by Dr. James D. Tabor. Josephus, Antiquities Book 20: chapter 9 CONCERNING ALBINUS UNDER WHOSE PROCURATORSHIP JAMES WAS SLAIN; AS ALSO WHAT EDIFICES WERE BUILT BY AGRIPPA.

    Josephus' References to Crucifixion Crucifixion in Antiquity - The Jewish Roman World of Jesus by Joe Zias. "Undoubtedly, one of the cruelest and most humiliating forms of punishment in the ancient world was, according to ancient sources, crucifixion. The Jewish historian Josephus best described it following the siege of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 66-70 as "the most wretched of deaths."1 Whereas in Seneca's Epistle 101 to Lucilius, he argues that suicide is preferable to the cruel fate of being put on the cross." Zias cites references from Josephus, Plutarch, Rufus, and others. Joe Zias was the Curator of Archaeology/Anthropology for the Israel Antiquities Authority from 1972 to 1997.

    Luke: The Gospel of the Gentiles. By: Bob Deffinbaugh. The author, Luke, was a doctor, and a traveling companion of Paul, whose second inspired account (the Book of Acts) is the only recorded history of the birth of the church, and of the expansion of the gospel from Jerusalem to the "uttermost part of the earth." (New Testament Studies) [Bible History]

    Manuscripts Support for the Bible's Reliability Thus, in the Bible as we have it (and as it is conveyed to us through faithful translations) we do have for practical purposes the very Word of God, inasmuch as the manuscripts do convey to us the complete vital truth of the originals. By practicing the science of textual criticism - comparing all the available manuscripts with each other - we can come to an assurance regarding what the original document must have said. [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Matthew - New Testament Tax Collectors The call of Matthew (Levi) and his reception in honor of Jesus.

    Miracles The term miracle is a general term used to describe extraordinary workings of God in the world during certain times of man's history. However there are several terms used in Greek and Hebrew to describe what is commonly called miracle. Electronic Christian Media

    Musical Instruments In the Old Testament we see music richly woven into the fabric of the life and worship of the people of God. The Jewish handbook for the Hebrew was the Psalms, and it expresses the great heritage of Jewish piety, as well as giving the New Testament believers a beautiful source for Christian song. Electronic Christian Media

    On an objection about Luke, Quirinius, and Herods Questions asked to Glenn Miller [Answers]] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Parables Literally the word Parabole means a placing alongside of. It places a story alongside a spiritual truth in hopes of shedding light on its meaning. Electronic Christian Media

    Paul's Missionary Journey's The setting apart of missionaries was accompanied by fasting and praying and the symbolic laying on of hands to indicate the presence of the Holy Spirit in and upon the ministry of God's servants. Electronic Christian Media

    Pentecost The name is derived from the Greek word for 'fiftieth' (pentecostos) because it was seven weeks after Passover that the 'Feast of Weeks' Exodus 34:22 Deuteronomy 16:10 or the 'Feast of Harvest' Exodus 23:15-22 was observed. It marked the end of the barley harvest and the beginning of the wheat harvest. It was one of the three occasions in the year on which male Israelites were to appear before the Lord but it was much less observed as an occasion of pilgrimage than the feasts of Passover and Tabernacle. Numbers 28:26-31 Electronic Christian Media

    Pontius Pilate The fifth Roman procurator of Judea (ruled 26-36 AD), who issued the official order sentencing Jesus to death by crucifixion. Bible History Online.

    Prayers of the Bible A simple definition of Prayer would be 'A celebration of God's perfection's and Work.' This finds expression in the elements of Prayer. The model for Prayer is given for us in what is commonly called the Lord's Prayer. Electronic Christian Media

    PUBLICAN Vine's Expository Dictionary

    Publican and Taxes Easton's Bible Dictionary

    Reliability of the New Testament and alleged Bias My Interaction with James Still over the alleged bias and reliability of the NT by Glenn Miller [Answers]] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    Religion Detoxification: The Gospel Writers A quote from the new religion detoxification book, The Gospel Writers. A theory of Historical Jesus set within the context of a social tool (the Ruling Class - Worker Bee model) developed and used by Walled City-States, c. 6,500 BCE, when kingships and hereditary monarchies began to replace democratic assembles.

    Revelation Revelation is perhaps the most controversial Book of the whole Bible. It has been studied and examined from the early Church to the present day, with four major interpretations. Electronic Christian Media

    Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and The Sanhedrin Warren Doud, Grace Notes [Intertestimental]

    Sheol, Hell, and the Dead From Christian Resource Institute FAQ. A short answer to the question about death, hell, and the grave according to Scripture.

    Tax Collector Strong's Concordance

    TAX, TAXING The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

    The Abbreviations BCE and BC From Christian Resource Institute FAQ. "The designations BCE and CE are simply a different way to write the traditional BC and AD. The basis of our modern calendar was developed by Christian monks in the Middle Ages who decided to begin numbering years with the birth of Christ, and designate that year "0" (most historians agree that they miscalculated the year and the actual date of the birth of Christ was between 6 BC and 4 BC by the present calendar). Years following year 0 were designated AD, for the Latin anno Domini, "in the year of the Lord. Years counting backward before year 0 came to be designated BC, before Christ."

    The Church Ecclesia is the Greek word that is translated church. To the Greeks it meant any kind of gathering which was convenient. An assembly to hear a message and make a decision about it. The New Testament took this term and baptised it into the faith. It comes from two Greek words. EK=Out of and kaleo=To call. Electronic Christian Media

    The Comments in the Debate with James Still Topical Index to great responses by Glenn Miller dealing with detailed issues of the New Testament's reliability [Answers]] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

    The Cross It appears that it was originally a Persian practice which was learned by the Carthaginians and later applied by the Romans as the means of delivering capital punishment. Among the Romans it was rarely used on her own citizens but rather was reserved for slaves, robbers, and insurrectionists in the provinces under her rule. Electronic Christian Media

    The Historical Trustworthiness of the Bible "The trustworthiness of the Bible's historical statements has been corroborated again and again both through archaeological discoveries and through close correlation of the Bible's content with other independent ancient sources."

    The Resurrection Influence on the Church in the First Decades by Jirair S. Tashjian: "In 1 Corinthians 15, the earliest New Testament writing to discuss Christ's resurrection, Paul tells us what the resurrection meant to Christians in the first 25 years of church history."

    The Resurrection Influence on the Early Church The Resurrection: Influence on the Church in the First Decades. Short article examining the idea of the resurrection of Jesus in the context of first century thought, and its Christian expression mainly from 1 Corinthians 15. From Christian Resource Institute.

    The Symbolism of Vine in Scripture Short article examining OT uses of the metaphor of vine and vineyard as background for John's account of Jesus as the true vine. From Christian Resource Institute.

    The Well Hated Tax Collector Conclusion and Devotional

    Tiberius Denarius Tribute Penny Coins (Image)

    Transmission of the Greek New Testament The finalizing of the canon of the NT... [New Testament Studies] [Answers & Evidence] [Bible History]

    Weapons of War Though we have no definite information on the subject, there seems to have been some sort of military organisation among the children of Israel while they were in Egypt. Study follows throught to Babylon. Electronic Christian Media

    What are the oldest NT manuscripts we posess? [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]