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A Chronological Study of Paul's Ministry

A Chronology of the First Century of Christianity By Jack Kilmon [Timeline] note: I do not necessarily agree to this timeline but it is helpful.

Chronological Study of the Life of Christ

Chronological Table Timeline Overview from Goodnews Christian Ministry.

Chronology of composition of the books of the NT A likely chronology of composition of the books of the NT and other early Christian sources. [Timelines] [New Testament Studies] [Bible History]

Chronology of Roman Rulers Chronology of Roman Rulers (200 BCE""565 CE). By Dr. K.C. Hanson

Comparison of World Views Comparison of World Views: Perception of the Physical World A graphic to go with the article "Speaking the Language of Canaan," under the sub-category of Manners & Customs, comparing various ways of understanding and talking about the physical world. From Christian Resource Institute.

Date and Authenticity of the New Testament In the early twentieth century, most scholars dated the New Testament documents as follows: Matthew, A.D. 851; Mark, A.D. 60-652; Luke, A.D. 80-853; John, A.D. 90-954; Pauline Epistles, A.D. 48-645.

Harbor Chronology. (Caesarea) A brief historical chronology of the harbor from primary documents by Dr. Avner Raban, Center for Maritime Studies University of Haifa, Israel [Articles of Interest] [Caesarea] [Archaeology]

Inheritance Practices Inheritance Practices in the First Century Era. Short article providing background for Luke's story of the Prodigal son. From Christian Resource Institute.

Israelite Kings Date Chart Chart of the reigns of kings of the United Monarchy and the Divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the fall of Jerusalem (1050 - 586 BC), color coded to show good and bad kings, as well as those deposed or assassinated; from Christian Resource Institute.

Israelite Prophets Date Chart Chart of the ministry dates of the major prophets of the Old Testament from Christian Resource Institute.

Key Biblical Dates A list of significant biblical dates to provide a framework for the flow of biblical History from Christian Resource Institute.

New Testament Timeline How long was the ministry of Jesus? When was Paul converted? When did Peter baptize the first Roman Centurion? How many missionary journeys did Paul conduct and when did they occur?

Roman Political Rulers of Palestine First Century Roman Political Rulers of Israel. A table of Roman Emperors, Procurators, and Kings who governed Israel in the New Testament era. From Christian Resource Institute.


Standard Chronology Standard Chronology according to Judaism by Dr. James D. Tabor. Timeline of events, Ancient Empires, Roman Emperors, and Herodian Rulers

The Abbreviations BCE and BC From Christian Resource Institute FAQ. "The designations BCE and CE are simply a different way to write the traditional BC and AD. The basis of our modern calendar was developed by Christian monks in the Middle Ages who decided to begin numbering years with the birth of Christ, and designate that year "0" (most historians agree that they miscalculated the year and the actual date of the birth of Christ was between 6 BC and 4 BC by the present calendar). Years following year 0 were designated AD, for the Latin anno Domini, "in the year of the Lord. Years counting backward before year 0 came to be designated BC, before Christ."

Timeline: Roman Emperors Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

Timeline: The United Kingdom Through The Captivity Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

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