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Bible History : O.T. Surveys

Bible Knowledge Accelerator #2- Brief Survey of the O.T. From Bible History Online This is a very simple overview of the history of the Old Testament from the creation of the world to the destruction and rebuilding of Jerusalem. It follows the major people and events of the Old Testament in chronological order.

Capernaum Capernaum. Bible Images

John Calvin - Selected Commentaries Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

Matthew Henry: Concise Commentary On The Whole Bible Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

Social Ethics in the Prophets Short theological essay from Christian Resource Institute. Deals with the prophets and the practical application of social ethics in the community.

Survey of Old Testament History A menu page for access to short summaries of OT History as a background for biblical interpretation. The history is organized around eight major periods: The Patriarchal Era (1800-1290), Exodus and the Period of the Judges (1290-1050), Early Israelite Monarchy (1050-750), Assyrian Dominance (750-640 BC), The Rise of Babylon and Exile (640-538), The Persian Period and Return (538-323), The Greek Wars/Maccabean Period (323-63), The Rise of Rome (63-3). Outline and Menu from Christian Resource Institute.

Survey of Old Testament History A general survey of Old Testament History with a timeline and certain topics. The Christian Resource Institute

The Books of the Bible From The Four Eleven Foundation: A very simple survey of several of the Books of the Bible - by David Griffiths.

The Old Testament Topical Studies on the subjects in certain books of the Old Testament from Christian Resource Institute. Includes: The Torah, The Prophets, and The Writings.

The Old Testament - A Brief Overview A very basic overview of the Old Testament. Understanding the Bible is often difficult for the average reader usually because of the unfamiliar names of people and cultures of the ancient world. For the most part the Bible is very easy to understand. My desire is to paint the broad strokes and give sort of a panorama of Biblical history. I hope you enjoy it.