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    September 26    Scripture

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    A full-size 15th century Gutenberg image Nice image. 15th century AD. [English Versions] [Images] [Bible History]

    A New Translation (Jewish) [Versions] [Bible History]

    American Standard Version 1901 Edition This document is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College. [Bible Versions] [Study Tools

    Amplified Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    An American Translation (Beck) [Versions] [Bible History]

    An American Translation (Smith-Goodspeed) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Aramaic New Covenant [Versions] [Bible History]

    Bible Versions This index lists 96 versions of the Scriptures. There are versions with just the New Covenant, others the Old Covenant, some with the Apocrypha, etc. [Versions] [Bible History]

    Biblos Multilingual: Online Parallel Bible [Bible Search] [Various Versions]

    Browse the King James Bible Browse from a list of every Book of the Bible, once your selection is made you can browse by chapter and verse.

    Cassirer New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Centenary Translation of the New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Charles Kingsley Williams New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Common English New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Complete Jewish Bible This version expresses its original and essential Jewishness. Most other English translations of the New Testament present their message in a Gentile-Christian linguistic, cultural, and theological framework. Yeshua, the Messiah, was a Jew, was born to Jews, grew up among Jews, ministered to Jews, and died and rose from the dead in the Jewish capital. [Versions] [Bible History]

    Concordant Literal New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    Contemporary English Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    Coptic Version of the New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Czech Bible Version This document is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College. [Bible Versions] [Study Tools

    Darby Holy Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Douay-Rheims Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    English Version for the Deaf (Easy-to-Read Version) [Versions] [Bible History]

    English Version of the Polyglott Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Erasmus' Greek New Testament of 1516 Nice image. 16th century AD. [English Versions] [Images] [Bible History]

    Four-Color Synopsis The 3 synoptic gospel parallels [Various Versions]

    God's Word (Today's Bible Translation) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Holy Bible, Revised Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    Holy Scriptures (Harkavy) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Holy Scriptures (Menorah) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Inspired Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    Interlinear Bible (Greene) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Jerusalem Bible (Koren) [Versions] [Bible History]

    John Wesley New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    King James Version (Authorized Version) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Kleist-Lilly New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Knox Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    Lamsa Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Letchworth Version in Modern English [Versions] [Bible History]

    Living Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    McCord's New Testament Translation of the Everlasting Gospel [Versions] [Bible History]

    Modern Reader's Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Moffatt New Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    New American Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    New American Standard Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Century Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New English Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Evangelical Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    New International Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Jerusalem Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    New JPS Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New King James Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Life Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Living Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Revised Standard Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    New Testament and Psalms: An Inclusive Version This revolutionary new version, adapted from the New Revised Standard Version and edited by six scholars -- three men and three women -- pushes the English language to new levels of inclusive expression. This work addresses such issues as race, gender, and ethnicity more directly than ever before. [Versions] [Bible History]

    New World Translation Watchtower (Jehovah's Witness) version. Many paraphrases that exclude critical words that give credence to the doctrine of the deity of Jesus and add words of their own. See Phil. 2:9 for example where they add the word "other." [Versions] [Bible History]

    Noli New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Norlie's Simplified New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Phillips Revised Student Edition [Versions] [Bible History]

    Reese Chronological Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Revised English Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    Revised Standard Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    Riverside New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Search or Browse the Latin Vulgate ARTFL Project University of Chicago - Latin Vulgate Bible [Bible Search] [Various Versions]

    Search RSV Bible (English Translation) Selected Ancient Near Eastern Texts

    Search the Bible (KJV)

    Search the Bible in Various Languages German Swedish; Latin; French; Spanish; Portuguese; Italian Tagalog; Norwegian. [Bible Search] [Various Versions]

    Search the Bible Online (KJV) Bible History Online search tool. Browse every chapter and verse or search for a topic and bring up a unique sequence of results.

    Search the NIV and Other Versions NIV; NASB; RSV; KJV; Darby; YLT; World English. [Bible Search] [Various Versions]

    Spencer New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Standard American Edition, Revised Version [Versions] [Bible History]

    Swann New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Abbreviated Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Aramaic Bible (Targums) [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Authentic New Testament Hugh J. Schonfield, an eminent Jewish scholar, worked for thirty years on his version of the original Greek text. He is also the translator of a later version, The Original New Testament. He was a historian, not a theologian. Thus, this is a non-ecclesiastical version. He avoids ecclesiastical terms, using such words as immersion, community, envoy, supervisor, and administrator instead of baptism, church, apostle, bishop, and deacon, respectively. In general, modern speech has been used, but with some exceptions. [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Basic Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Bible Reader [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Coverdale Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Dartmouth Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Documents of the New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Emphasized Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Emphatic Diaglott [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Four Gospels in Harmony [Bible Search] [Various Versions]

    The Full Bible Text Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

    The Geneva Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The History of the English Bible Brief History. Wycliff, Tyndale, Coverdale, and others. [English Versions] [Bible History]

    The Holy Bible in Modern English [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Jerusalem Bible (Catholic) [Versions] [Bible History]

    The King James Version of 1611 Nice image. 1611 AD. [English Versions] [Images] [Bible History]

    The Message (The New Testament in Contemporary English) [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Modern Speech New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    The New Berkeley Version in Modern English [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Origin and Development of the English Bible The origin of the English Bibles of today can be traced to a time when men, under the divine inspiration of God, first wrote the books of the Bible. This word of God was transmitted from generation to generation by handwritten copies and by word-of-mouth. As men began to realize how valuable these teachings were, attempts were made to collate these teachings into a single comprehensive book. [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Original New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    The People's New Covenant [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Sacred Scriptures, Bethel Edition [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Scholars Version (The Five Gospels) [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Scriptures (ISR) [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Septuagint [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Septuagint with Apocrypha Greek and English by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton transcribed by Nelson Chin and placed in Public Domain, 1999 This document is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College. [Bible Versions] [Study Tools

    The Shorter Bible [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Transmission of the Bible to English Timeline Brief Sketch. 500 BC-1984 AD. [English Versions] [Bible History]

    The Twentieth Century New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Wiclif Translation (Wycliffe) [Versions] [Bible History]

    The Word Made Fresh [Versions] [Bible History]

    Today's English New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Today's English New Testament (The Good News Bible) [Versions] [Bible History]

    Versions of the New Testament [Versions] [NT Studies]

    Westminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures [Versions] [Bible History]

    William Tyndale Newe Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    William Tyndale Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    Williams New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    World Wide Study Bible The Study Bible developed and located around the world! About Genesis -- Bible - Encarta Concise Encyclopedia Genesis -- Easton's Bible Dictionary, Pentateuch -- Catholic Encyclopedia Scripture Anglo-Saxon -- The Junius Manuscript (Labyrinth Library: Old English) Commentary Commentary on the Whole Bible (1706) -- Matthew Henry Sermons The Method of Faith -- Ray C. Stedman Reference Library Notes Class Notes on Sacred, History, Vol.1 (1893) -- J.W. McGarvey (1829-1911) Article References biblical literature -- Encyclop√"dia Britannica Online Doctrinal Value by Rev. D. Hague -- The Fundamentals, Vol. 1 ch. XIV (1909) Poetry Genesis A & B - Kennedy Translation (1916) -- OMACL - Codex Junius 11 (ca AD 650-950) More Scripture Literal Translation (1976) -- by Jay P. Green, Sr. - Introduction New English Translation (1996) -- NET Bible - Biblical Studies Press This document is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College. [Bible Study Tools]

    Worrell New Testament [Versions] [Bible History]

    Wuest Expanded Translation [Versions] [Bible History]

    Young's Literal Translation, Revised Edition [Versions] [Bible History]