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September 17    Scripture

Ancient Rome: Timelines & Charts

Byzantium: Timeline Early, Middle, and Late Byzantium [People in History]

Chronology of Roman Rulers Chronology of Roman Rulers (200 BCE"565 CE). By Dr. K.C. Hanson

Language Map of Ancient Italy Shows where in Italy: Gaulish, Greek, Oscan, Ligurian, Messapic, Etruscan, Umbrian were spoken. Aeq.- Aequian; Aur.- Auruncan; Fal.- Faliscan; Hern.- Hernican; Lat.- Latin; Marr.- Marrucinian; Mars.- Marsian; Nov.- Novilara; Pael.- Paelignian; Vest.- Vestinian;


The Censors of the Roman Republic The identities of the early Censors are not all known to us, buta continuous list exists from 280 BC onwards. [Rome] [Political Resources]

Timeline of The Republic The Roman Republic - 509-31 B.C. [The Glory That Was Rome]

TIMELINE: ANCIENT ROME Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material and new perspectives upon the roles of women in ancient time.

Timeline: Ancient Rome chrononology with hyperlinks, quotes, and images. [People in History]

Timeline: Roman Emperors Brought to you by Calvary Chapel Library. Nicely laid out for easy online viewing.

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