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    Antony By Plutarch (died 30 B.C.E.) Written 75 A.C.E. Translated by John Dryden [People in History] [Tools and Searches]

    Attila the Hun A biography of Attila in the context of his people and his time. ATTILA THE HUN BIOGRAPHY 406-453 Attila the Hun was an infamous, vicious barbarian King who attacked the Roman Empire and was so fierce he was named "THE SCOURGE OF GOD"! Attila the Hun was the legendary king of the Huns - a Mongoloid people who began invading the Roman Empire in the 300's. Attila was so furious in his attacks, he was named "SCOURGE OF GOD"! The Huns were originally from a tribe of Mongolians from Central Asia, who settled in the area known later as Hungary. Attila was born in 406 and in 434, at the age of 28, Attila succeeded his uncle as leader of the Huns. Attila at first ruled with his brother, Bleda, but murdered Bleda in 445 to take complete control. By the 5th Century, the Roman Empire was almost totally disintegrated and the Huns ruled a large empire. From 435 to 439, Attila conquered, pillaged and attacked his way through eastern and central Europe. The Eastern Emperor of the Byzantine empire was paying Attila an amount to keep the Huns from attacking his empire. But the emperor could not keep up the payments and Attila invaded the Byzantine Empires in 2 attacks in 441 and in 447. In 447, he led his horsemen to take over the Balkan Land, attacking Greece and threatening Constantinople, which was the center of the Roman Empire in the East. [People in History]

    Augustus Emperor Augustus [photos and text] (Cedar Rapids Museum of Art)

    Augustus Caesar on Bible History Online Augustus Caesar - Introduction , Overview , Background , His Adoption , Octavian , The First Triumvirate , The Second Triumvirate , Augustus Caesar , The Principate , His Empire , His Death , Dictionaries , Encyclopedias , Scriptures , Maps and Images , Timeline , Ancient Texts , Index , Conclusion ,

    Augustus the First Roman Emperor 63 B.C. - 14 C.E. [People in History] [Tools and Searches]

    Augustus: Images of Power AUGUSTUS: IMAGES OF POWER Mark Morford, Classics Department, University of Virginia. 17 photos of: The Mausoleum, The Ara Pacis, The Statue of Augustus at Prima Porta, the Gemma Augustea.

    Caesar By Plutarch 63 B.C. - 14 C.E. Written 75 A.C.E. Translated by John Dryden [People in History] [Tools and Searches]

    Characters of Greek Mythology This site provides a description of the gods, goddesses, nymphs, creatures, etc. of Greek Mythology, as well as fun stuff like planets, constellations, word origins, mythical clipart, and beautiful artwork to aid the imagination! [People in History]

    Cleopatra of Egypt Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth, at The Field Museum. [People in History] [Tools and Searches]

    Cleopatra's Children Check out this unique series brought to you by Bible History Online Includes Real Audio. Trace the interesting history of the children of the great Queen of Egypt [Ancient Egypt Rome] [People] [Cleopatra]

    Famous People of Ancient Rome Information about CAESAR, ANTONY, CICERO, MAECENAS, MARCUS AURELIUS

    Gaius Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12 July 100 BC in Rome, son of Gaius Caesar and Aurelia. Governor of Gaul 58-49 BC. Appointed dictator for ten years in 47 B, for life on 14 February 44 BC. Married initially to Cornelia (one daughter, Julia), then to Pompeia, alas to Calpurnia. Assassinated on 15 March 44 BC. Deified in 42 BC. Caesar was tall, fair-haired, well built and of sound health. though he did suffer from the occasional epileptic fit. [People in History]

    Gaius Julius Caesar Coins Gaius Julius Caesar rose from relative obscurity to supreme power in the late Roman republic. A brilliant general and formidable politician, he defeated all rivals to become dictator of Rome. Caesar achieved distinction relatively late in life. His early career is noteworthy for opposition of the aristocratic Senatorial conservatives in favor of the more "common" man. For years a protégé of the powerful and immensely wealthy Crassus, Caesar was able to capitalize on the rivalry of Crassus with the equally powerful Pompey. In 60 BC, the three men formed the First Triumvirate, a pact which effectively divided rule among them.

    Priscus at Attilla's Court Roman historian Priscus' encounter with the Huns, and Attila with unique profiles. [People in History]

    Prosopographia Imperii Romani: Stichwortliste: Suchmaske search for individual and prominant Romans by name! [German] [People in History]

    Roman Emperors and Rulers A Brief History of Roman Emperors, Rulers, and Their Families [Ancient Rome] [People]

    Roman Emperors List Emperors names (common and Imperial) dynasty, class and notes [The Glory That Was Rome]

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    The Pilate Inscription A limestone block was discovered among the ruins of a theatre at the site of ancient Caesarea in Israel. It contained 4 lines of writing in Latin which revealed a dedicatory inscription from Pontius Pilate of Judea to Tiberias Caesar in Rome. It is now in the Israel Museum (Jerusalem).