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September 17    Scripture

Ancient Rome: Emperors
Ancient Roman Emperors, Caesar's, and Dictators

Augustus 27 B.C. - 14 A.D. Twenty seven years before Jesus Christ was born, the Senate of Rome bestowed upon Octavian the title Augustus. Augustus became the first "Emperor", which comes from the military title imperator.

Caligula 37 - 41 A.D. His own troops nicknamed the boy Caligula which means "Baby-boots". He appeared to be a good emperor at the start, but he was absolutely corrupt, utterly immoral, and he committed incest with his own sisters. He dealt severely with his senators, humiliating them publicly. He was a complete psychopath thinking he was a god.

Claudius 41 - 54 A.D. Claudius was the uncle of Caligula and fourth Emperor of Rome. He was a scholar who had the historian Livy as one of his tutors. He also stumbled as he walked. He suffered from a deformity because of polio, paralyzed as an infant. He was not taken very seriously until he became emperor or Rome, and gained prominence by his decisions. He added at least five provinces to the Empire, including Britain and Morocco (Mauretania).

Julius Caesar 104 - 44 B. C. In 44 B.C. the Senate bestowed upon him the title of "Imperator" which is where the word "emperor" originates. Though he was acting as dictator, he would not allow himself to be referred to publicly as king or emperor but "Caesar" instead.

Tiberius The empress Livia bore a son from a previous marriage whom she named "Tiberius." The reign of Tiberius was damaged by treason trials, scandal, absence, indulgence, and his own personal orgies. In 26 A.D. Tiberius was 67 years old when he was persuaded by Sejanus, the reckless leader of the praetorian guard. He was advised to leave Rome and spend his life on the island of Capri, near the Bay of Naples.

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