Ancient Rome : Naval

Caesar's Galley Model Ship Roman warships were fearsome weapons and a major factor in the expansion of the Roman Empire. The ships were powered by sails and oars, and armed with the spears and swords of the soldiers on board. Protection was provided by many removable shields along the sides of the craft. A unique "proboscus" on the front of the ship was a reinforced ram often used to spear enemy ships. Whent an enemy ship remained skewered to the Roman ship, the soldiers leap aboard and engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Roman Merchantman Boat Model Dating from before the time of Christ and remaining in use for several centuries after, the merchant ships of the Roman Empire represented an important stage in the evolution of the cargo ship. Some of these vessels were very large, like the ones used for carrying grain from the fertile Nile valley to Rome. The could measure 180 feet long.

Roman Warship Liburna Image Bank "" Roman Warship Liburna

Triremis Rome BC 31