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zeb-a-di'-a ((1) zebhadhyaha, (2) zebhadhyah, "Yah has bestowed"; the form (1) is the Hebrew name in (1), (a), (b), (2), below; the form (2) in the rest. Some manuscripts have Zechariah in (1), (a), (b), (3)).
(1) Levites: (a) a Korahite doorkeeper of David's reign (1 Ch 26:2); (b) one of the Levites sent by King Jehoshaphat to teach the Torah in Judah (2 Ch 17:8).
(2) Son of Ishmael (2 Ch 19:11); "ruler of the house of Judah in all the king's (Jehoshaphat's) matters," i.e. judge in civil cases, the "controversies" of 2 Ch 19:8.
(3) Benjamites, perhaps descended from Ehud (see Curtis, Chron., 158 ff): (a) In 1 Ch 8:15; (b) in 8:17, where the name may be a dittography from 8:15.
(4) A Benjamite recruit of David at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:7 (Hebrew verse 8)).
(5) One of David's army officers, son and successor of Asahel (1 Ch 27:7).
(6) One of those who returned from Babylon to Jerusalem with Ezra (Ezr 8:8) = "Zaraias" of 1 Esdras 8:34.
(7) One of those who had married foreign wives (Ezr 10:20) = "Zabdeus" of 1 Esdras 9:21.
David Francis Roberts
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Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor. "Definition for 'zebadiah'". "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". - ISBE; 1915.

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