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shin: The Hebrew words 'ahal, 'or, halal, zahar, zarach, yapha`, naghah, `ashath and qaran are all translated "shine." All indicate either the direct or indirect diffusion of beams of light. In a direct and literal sense the word "shine" is used of the heavenly bodies, or of candles, and fire (Job 18:5; 25:5 the King James Version; Job 29:3; 31:26; 2 Ki 3:22). In a figurative sense it is used of reflected light or brightness, in any sense (Ex 34:29 f,35; Isa 60:1; Ezek 43:2; Dan 12:3). God as the sun of righteousness is thus depicted in Ps 50:2. The New Testament words astrapto, augazo, lampo and phaino are translated "shine." Thus literally it is said of the lightning that it shines (Mt 24:27 the King James Version; Lk 17:24); the word is tropically applied to the life of faith or to men prominent in the kingdom of God (Mt 5:16; Jn 5:35; 2 Cor 4:6; Phil 2:15; 2 Pet 1:19); to the glory of God (Lk 2:9); to angelic appearances (Lk 24:4; Acts 12:7), or to Christ as He appeared to John on Patmos (Rev 1:16).
Henry E. Dosker
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