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shek-a-ni'-a, shekan'-ya (shekhanyah (in 1 Ch 24:11; 2 Ch 31:15, shekhanyahu); Codex Vaticanus Ischania, Sekenia):
(1) A descendant of Zerubbabel (1 Ch 3:21,22). This is the same Shecaniah mentioned in Ezr 8:3.
(2) "The sons of Shecaniah," so the Massoretic Text of Ezr 8:5 reads, were among those who returned with Ezra, but a name appears to have been lost from the text, and we should probably read "of the sons of Zattu, Shecaniah the son of Jahaziel" (compare 1 Esdras 8:32, "of the sons of Zathoes, Sechenias the son of Jezelus").
(3) Chief of the tenth course of priests (1 Ch 24:11).
(4) A priest in the reign of Hezekiah (2 Ch 31:15).
(5) A contemporary of Ezra who supported him in his opposition to foreign marriages (Ezr 10:2).
(6) The father of Shemaiah, "the keeper of the east gate" (Neh 3:29).
(7) The father-in-law of Tobiah the Ammonite (Neh 6:18).
(8) The eponym of a family which returned with Zerubbabel (Neh 12:3). It is the same name which, by an interchange of "bh" and "kh", appears as Shebaniah (see SHEBANIAH, (2)) in Neh 10:4,12,14.
Horace J. Wolf
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