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(1) A prophet (2 Sam 7; Ps 51, title). See preceding article.
(2) A son of King David (2 Sam 5:14; 1 Ch 3:5; 14:4).
(3) Father of Igal, one of David's heroes (2 Sam 23:36). In 1 Ch 11:38, we have "Joel the brother of Nathan"; the Septuagint's Codex Vaticanus has "son" in this verse, but it is impossible to say whether Igal or Joel is the correct name.
(4) A Jerahmeelite (1 Ch 2:36), whose son is called Zabad, whom some suppose to be the same as Zabud (1 Ki 4:5). On this view this Nathan is the same as the prophet (see 1, above).
(5) A companion of Ezra from Babylon (Ezr 8:16 and 1 Esdras 8:44).
(6) Nathanias (1 Esdras 9:34), one of those who had married foreign wives (Ezr 10:39).
(7) Name of a family (Zec 12:12).
David Francis Roberts
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